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As the nation braces for a possible second wave of Coronavirus, the trucking industry is the source of some of the only good news around.  Trucking is experiencing high demand along with a driver shortage – mostly seen in Flatbeds, Refrigerated Trucks, Vans, Day Cabs, and Box Trucks.

How it’s Playing Out

Van spot load rates top the charts, up 28.8% last month from one year ago.  Flatbed rates are up a whopping 9.9% and have soared even higher in the past two weeks.  Refer Trucks are up over 19% and there seems to be no end in sight to the rise. 

Not all phases of trucking are faring well, however.  Those operating to service the supply of products that are in big demand, [...]

Trinity Logistics Group, a Texas-based trucking company, has slammed the brakes on operations.  The news has left its 102 drivers in utter shock.  Amidst the uncertainty the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about, the abrupt closure is being called “devastating”.

The announcement was made on September 28 via a conference call.  Drivers were informed they would no longer have a job and that all equipment was to be returned almost immediately.  The now-defunct carrier company offered flatbed, oversize, and heavy hauling services.  Trinity Industries, the mother company of Trinity Logistics Group, is the owner of Trinity Rails which has been hit hard by issues surrounding frac sand.

“At least we got paid and weren’t stranded like drivers for Ohio-based Falcon Transport and Celadon of Indianapolis were,” stated Paul, a past employee.  “Still…it is a big blow.”

The Trinity shut-down [...]



According to IBIS World report, the annual revenue of the Earth Moving and Excavation Contractors industry in 2020 is $54.9 billion and the year isn’t even over yet.  If you are considering jumping in the business, now is the time.

What Does Excavation Entail?

Excavation is the removal of large amounts of earth.  Most construction companies turn to Earth Moving Companies when they need dirt moved.  While many can actually do the job themselves, they typically prefer to have professional excavators do it for them so the job is done quickly and efficiently and so they don’t have to mess with it.

Why Get Into Earth Moving?

Earth Moving is the ideal niche for anyone who wants to get into the construction service industry [...]


Winter is about to blow in and you know what that means…snow!  More than 70 percent of America’s roads flow through locations that receive five inches or more of snow each year. Snow, slush, and ice greatly reduce pavement friction and cause obstructions, making travel dangerous.  From interstates and highways to private drives and rural roads, in order for vehicles to drive safely, the snow must be removed.

Why a Snow Removal Service is a Cool Idea

Where there’s a need, there is profit.  The public snow removal market is estimated to be a 3 to 4 billion dollar industry.  Private snow removal tips in at about 18 billion with residential snow removal taking around 34% of the plunder.

If you live in a snowy area, your fortune might be found in the form [...]


If you’re tossing around the idea of starting your own service company, it’s always wise to do a little research into what kind of businesses are trending. The pest control industry has been flying high for years, but there’s a new niche that’s the big buzz. -ORGANIC pest control.


Bug Buzz

A recent survey concluded that over 80% of all Americans feel that environmentally friendly products are important. With more than 45 million pounds of pesticides used in US homes and gardens yearly, many feel it’s time for a change – for the sake of the earth and for health reasons.

For the past decade, consumers have been steadily turning from the use of toxic products, like chemically-laden bug sprays, and are discovering new ways [...]


For those that don’t require a sleeper cab, Day Cab Trucks are often a cost-effective solution to a higher-priced truck.  Day Cabs are extremely versatile, accommodating the needs of thousands of truckers who drive local or choose not to sleep in their trucks. . 

What is a Day Cab?

Day Cab Trucks are trucks without a sleeper cabin in the back.  Instead of sleeping quarters, a single compartment is contained over the engine portion of the truck.

About the Kenworth T880 Day Cab

This brand new 2020 Kenworth T880 Day Cab is the perfect truck for anyone who needs a powerful beast of a truck without a sleeper cab.  The durable MX-13 (MX-13 455@1600 1650@900) engine gets the job done with a VSL Expiration Distance of N717 0.  [...]


When you’ve got a job to do, the last thing you need is an old, worn-out truck slowing you down.  This New Isuzu N-Series Crew Cab Dump Truck is a powerful ally that will help you in your business, not hold you back.

Check Out What This Tipster is Loaded With

This new Isuzu NQR Dump Truck has a power-packed 5.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine that is capable of any job you can throw its way.  Roaring with peak performance, this truck is economical too.  Along with an affordable price tag, the NQR gets excellent fuel mileage because it is diesel-fueled. 

The Isuzu NQR sports a 17,950-lb GVW, the ideal weight – not too heavy and [...]


Check out this throwback1920 dump truck tipper!  The first dump trucks with motors were invented in 1910 by small equipment companies like Galion Buggy Company, Lauth-Juergens, and Fruehauf Trailer Corporation. Shortly afterward, hydraulic dump beds came about, thanks to Wood Hoist Company.

Old-fashioned versions of dump trucks have been around even longer, well before diesel or gasoline engines graced the earth.  Horse-drawn two-wheel carts were commonly employed around the railroad and in coal mines to haul and dump material.  The first farm dump truck dates back to 1896 when Thornycroft developed a steam dust cart in Europe. 

Dump Trucks became very popular during World War 1 because they were in huge demand.  When Fruehaul introduced hydraulics into the picture in the early 1920s, the [...]

From the riots in Chicago to the raging wildfires in Colorado and California, truckers are being tested and patience is wearing thin.   The trucking industry has had its fair share of roadblocks and detours lately. 

When the National Forest Service recently shut down I-70 in southwestern Colorado due to the Grizzly Creek Fire, truckers struggled to get their loads from one end of Glenwood Canyon to the other. 

The closure was announced on Monday, August 10, shutting down a 30-mile stretch of a mountainous highway with few viable alternative routes.  Two of the would-be rerouting options, Crooked Creek Pass and Forest Service Road 400, are closed due to the near 20,000 acres of blazing forest.

“Truckers are familiar with the unpaved, narrow roads that some are taking,” stated Colorado native truck driver, Sam Dinsmore.  “That [...]

When You Really, Really Need a Commercial Work Truck

Find A Commercial Truck that Meets Whatever Need (or Want) You Have


trucking needstrucking needs

Some people want a Commercial Work Truck.  Others NEED one!  No matter which category you fall into, there are tons of reasons a Commercial Work Truck is a perfect solution for your situation.


When you have stuff to haul, you need a truck, and not just any truck, you need a Commercial Work Truck. Flatbed Trucks can be used with or without sideboards to accommodate hauling practically anything.  Hauling oversized loads in a regular truck can be dangerous and illegal.  Available in new or used versions, a Flatbed Truck will get you legally and safely rolling on all your [...]

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