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When you need to work up high, both a Scissor Lift and a Boom Lift will get you there because they are high platform vehicles.  But, that’s where the similarity ends.  The Lift Truck that will work best for you greatly depends upon your job requirements and a few other details.

What is a Scissor Lift?

A Scissor Lift is defined as a high platform mobile work vehicle that is designed to reach heights while driving safely without tipping over.  It is perfect for jobs involving lighting, fitting and retro-fitting, window cleaning and replacement, external signage maintenance, exterior painting, and racking system work. 

What a Scissor Lift does not do is reach out further than a small roll-out deck will go, typically increasing the deck size by around 0.5m to 1.2m.  A Scissor Lift operates vertically and must be on [...]



Many Box Truck owners don’t think much about what type of liftgate is on their truck.  That is until they go to use it and it’s not the best kind for the job they’re doing.  If you are in the market for a Box Truck, it’s good to know the main types of liftgates to make sure you get the one that will serve your needs.  If you already have a truck but want a more optimal liftgate, you can have one put on for a lot less than you may think.

What is a Box Truck Liftgate?

A liftgate is located in the back of a Box Truck.  It is a platform that’s used for raising and lowering various items.  A liftgate is controlled by a hydraulic system.  Liftgates provide a safe [...]



A Landscaping Truck with a Side Dump, Belly Dump, or End Dump Trailer is the ideal addition to any landscaping, road construction, excavation, site prep, or demolition company.  The trailer is fully equipped to carry your material to and/or from the job and makes dumping a breeze if you choose the one that’s the best fit for your individual needs.

Side Dump

A Side Dump Landscaping Truck is operated by hydraulic rams that tilt to the right or the left in order to load cargo from the trailer.  Air ride suspension is not required to be deflated before the dumping is done so they speed up the unloading process immensely. 

Side Dumps are excellent for dumping fine materials and semi-liquids and are commonly used in road construction and building, [...]


If you’re planning to purchase a Dump Truck, you’ll need to pick between an aluminum and a steel body type. In order to make the wisest decision, there are some important factors to consider.   Here are things to keep in mind:

What are You Using the Dump Truck For?

Think about what you plan to use your Dump Truck to do.  What size loads do you intend to carry?  What type of material will you haul?  While an aluminum Dump Truck will definitely suffice for modest loads of gravel or dirt, if you loads will consist of heavy metals, you may need to bump up to a steel Dump Truck since steel constructed trucks are able to carry maximum weights.

Aluminum Dump Trucks require their loads to be more protected because [...]



No matter who you voted for, if you voted at all, the transfer of the presidency will affect you if you drive a truck.  As it presently stands, Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States.  And, if he brings his platform to pass, some changes are most definitely in store.

A group which is headed up by Phillip A. Washington, CEO of L.A. Metro (the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority), is already working behind the scenes to get rolling on the Department Of Transportation (DOT) transition that will give them the green light to work with the Biden-Harris administration. 

Washington has been appointed by President-elect Biden to head the team that works alongside DOT to review the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), and the National [...]

If you are in the market for a New Box Truck, you’re going to love this 2019 Mitsubishi Fuso FE140.  With a mere 50 miles on it, you get all the perks of a new truck with the price tag of an older model since it’s a 2019 model. 

This Single Cab Fuso Box Truck pack plenty of punch with a 6.0-Liter engine with a V-8.  It is gasoline-powered and gets stellar mileage so you won’t be sinking all your profit into the gas tank.  In fact, this gas model actually has twice the disbursement of the diesel version.  Maintenance costs less too since it’s not a diesel.  You’ll also appreciate that this beast has a 40-gallon in-rail fuel tank that significantly extends the range of operation.

The body length is 20 feet, perfect for most loads – not too long or [...]



On November 19, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) officially clarified what defines the scope of an agricultural product load.  Until now, there had been a lot of grey areas but with the specifications in place, many farmers and truckers who transport agricultural products are finding favor in the rulings.

Within the new regulations, agricultural goods include livestock, any agricultural commodity, and non-processed food.  Since agricultural goods fall under federal guidelines, the distinction will allow the place stipulations on the delivery of the products, ultimately making transporting them safer since hours-of-service laws will apply to them.  Farmers will reap the benefits as well because their goods will travel in a safer manner and the process will be more efficient. 

Prior to the clarifications, the regulations for farmers and the truckers who [...]


It’s projected that by next year, the global market valuation for Aerial Work Platform (AWP) will cross 1.5 billion.  The increasing demand is attributed to more adoption of advanced aerial equipment, technical advancements in the industry, green fuel operability, and an increase in independent Boom Lift Truck owner/operators.

What is a Bucket Truck?

(AWP) describe a group of elevated machines that includes aerial lifts, elevating work platforms, and mobile elevating work platforms. They may also be referred to as cherry pickers or scissor lifts. Generally, aerial work platforms are used for a variety of maintenance and construction purposes and operated by a wide range of professionals.

History of Bucket Trucks

Aerial Work Platform Trucks debuted in the 1900s when they were invented to assist farmers in picking cherries.  Soon the trucks were used to pick [...]




As the nation braces for a possible second wave of Coronavirus, the trucking industry is the source of some of the only good news around.  Trucking is experiencing high demand along with a driver shortage – mostly seen in Flatbeds, Refrigerated Trucks, Vans, Day Cabs, and Box Trucks.

How it’s Playing Out

Van spot load rates top the charts, up 28.8% last month from one year ago.  Flatbed rates are up a whopping 9.9% and have soared even higher in the past two weeks.  Refer Trucks are up over 19% and there seems to be no end in sight to the rise. 

Not all phases of trucking are faring well, however.  Those operating to service the supply of products that are in big demand, because of or in spite [...]

Trinity Logistics Group, a Texas-based trucking company, has slammed the brakes on operations.  The news has left its 102 drivers in utter shock.  Amidst the uncertainty the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about, the abrupt closure is being called “devastating”.

The announcement was made on September 28 via a conference call.  Drivers were informed they would no longer have a job and that all equipment was to be returned almost immediately.  The now-defunct carrier company offered flatbed, oversize, and heavy hauling services.  Trinity Industries, the mother company of Trinity Logistics Group, is the owner of Trinity Rails which has been hit hard by issues surrounding frac sand.

“At least we got paid and weren’t stranded like drivers for Ohio-based Falcon Transport and Celadon of Indianapolis were,” stated Paul, a past employee.  “Still…it is a big blow.”

The Trinity shut-down [...]

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