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2020 T880 Kenworth Day Cab

Meet the Beast!

If you are in search of a great new Day Cab, check out this beauty.  It has it all from a manual transmission to boasting a mere 50 miles.

Slide on into the spacious black seated, non-sleeper cab area and get behind the wheel.  You’ll have all the power you need with the Paccar MX-13 (MX-13 455@1600 1650@900) engine that is extremely durable and reliable.  The VSL Expiration Distance is N717 0. 

This truck is standard length so you can easily get in and out of anywhere eighteen-wheelers travel.  It’s a powerhouse workhorse, able to get the job done.

The LRSL Speed Limit is N718 155 while [...]

Are you thinking about quitting your day job for a better day job – like maybe the kind that’s done done out of a Day Cab?  If the numbers just in from the Bureau of Labor Statistics are any indication, you might just be making the best decision of your life.

The recent Corona-19 pandemic was proof that no matter what the economy has in store, there will always be a need for truck drivers.  Even drivers whose main transport and delivery jobs were interrupted were, in many cases, able to switch over to deliver essential goods. 

Preliminary numbers announced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics state disclose that trucking jobs were only down slightly in March which was one of the toughest months in the COVID-19 catastrophe.  Many other industries suffered huge job losses.

Advantages of Truck Driving

Medium-Duty Commercial Spray Trucks

Stomp Out Bugs for Big Bucks

There are swarms of career options available when you invest in a Commercial Spray Truck.  One of the most lucrative fields to go into is the pesticide industry.  To cover the most area and to maximize your capability and your profit, a Medium-Duty Commercial Stray Truck is the ultimate.

What is a Medium-Duty Commercial Spray Truck?

A Medium-Duty Commercial Spray Truck stores liquids in a tank that is located in the back of the truck.  The liquids can be sprayed to accomplish a task such as fertilizing fields in agriculture, disbursing weed killer onto lawns, exterminating insects in large areas, or a number of other things.  Sprayers are available in all shapes and sizes.  When a sprayer is on a truck though, it is intended to be employed for extensive coverage.  The sprayer can be on [...]



This brand new Isuzu NPR-HD Stake Flatbed Truck is the ideal work vehicle for keeping irregular and heavy loads safely contained – perfect for those in landscaping, construction, agricultural, and automotive hauling industries.

The Izusu Name

Izusu is a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer who is a trusted name in the industry.  Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with factories worldwide, including the United States.  Izusu has been serving the needs of workers for decades.  The company prides itself on providing quality vehicles that pack plenty of power while not sacrificing comfort.  They are also known for catering to comfort.

The N-Series is a very popular line of work vehicles in the Isuzu line.  The NPR-HD is one of the best in the series. 

Isuzu Stake Flatbed Details

This workhorse sports a 6.0-liter [...]

If you are looking for a fantastic new Box Truck, you’ve come to the right place.  The 2020 Hino 144 Box Truck with Liftgate is perfect for companies like Furniture Moving, Apartment, Home, Office, and Warehouse Moving, Mobile Food and Coffee Services, and so much many other businesses that require a Box Truck.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating – in the medical and financial realm – it has brought about some stellar deals on wheels, including this fine Hino Box Truck.  Why?  The folks at MJ Truck Nation want to help Americans get back on their feet.  Purchasing a commercial vehicle, like this Box Truck, opens new windows of opportunity for individuals to use their trucks to make money and get their budgets back on track.

About the Hino 155 New Box Truck

This good looking workhorse is a [...]


Think about it.  How awesome would it be to own a mobile coffee shop?  Instead of hoping the coffee crew comes to you, you can take the brew to them.  Plus, you can always be…wide awake!

Benefits of Jiving with Mobile Java

A mobile coffee shop start-up is overflowing with perks.  Here are a few of them:


Coffee is not very expensive when it is purchased in bulk.  You have the choice to offer breakfast, lunch, and/or snack options…or not.  You can even add on food items as finances allow if you decide to.  As far as equipment, you can purchase an industrial coffee maker and then venture out for an espresso maker and a cappuccino machine when you can afford one.


Go gourmet or [...]

If you have a landscape company, a Dovetail Landscape Truck might be just the thing you need to get your business off the ground.  Fully equipped to accommodate the multi-faceted needs of lawn work, this truck is rooted in power and blossoming with lots of benefits.

What’s a Dovetail?

A Dovetail Landscape Truck defines trucks and trailers that have a loading ramp. A Dovetail is also called a Beavertail. The Dovetail type of truck isn’t limited to landscaping. They are also used in vehicle recovery and many other services too.

Dovetail Details

A Dovetail truck is called a Dovetail because of the Dovetail ramp.  The Dovetail ramp is called a Dovetail because of the Dovetail design on it – a joint that folds down at one end and on the other end, folds to rest on the floor, or bed, of [...]

10 Things to Look for in a Truck Dealer and Truck Dealership and 5 Mistakes to Avoid

When you are hiring a mechanic, you know you’d better check him out.  The work he does (or doesn’t do) on your vehicle can make or break your wallet.  If he fails to fix your transportation properly, you could be stuck out big time.  You might even lose your job or get stranded in a dangerous place.

Employing a plumber, heating and air technician, or contractor to do a large job on your home is no different.  The job they do (yep, or don’t do) is something you’ll live with for a long time to come.

If you are looking at trucks, even if you’re just “windshield shopping”, you are walking into a potential buying [...]

Isuzu Spray and Pest Control Trucks

Spray and Pest Control Trucks in Florida
Spray and pest trucks are the most common vehicles used in the pesticide industry. In the past, however, these types of trucks often come with their share of bugs. The biggest obstacle is that pest control vehicles often require customizations that are not always offered in basic spray and pest trucks. That’s where MJ Truck Nation comes in.
Sometimes, services have commercial vehicle requirements that don’t fit inside the box - like ambulances, RVs, and fire-fighting vehicles. Cab and chassis set-ups allow for complete customization to occur in order to accommodate all the specific needs.
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