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Isuzu has dominated the medium-duty truck market for many years. Their extremely popular Isuzu NPR and Isuzu NPR-HD models have been excellent choices for business operators and are able to be used for many companies in many sectors, including pest control, transport, and landscaping.
Demand for electric vehicles has reached an inflection point. Tesla’s release of the Model 3 demonstrates the possibility to provide consumers with an aesthetically pleasing, semi-autonomous vehicle complimented with a reasonable pricing structure that allows automakers to target those who value affordability. This transition is not only taking place in the private retail market, but also in the commercial trucking industry, proving that electric trucks can be as practical as everyday sedans.

Automotive innovation has seen exponential growth that has drastically re-shaped the industry. Electric sedans shattering 0-60 mph records and vehicles slipping into an aircraft-like autopilot on the highway; the scenery surrounding the automotive market is swiftly evolving.

This shift in the automotive ecosystem has sent shockwaves throughout the marketing environment, and those dealerships who do not adjust their advertising strategy will be left in the rear-view mirror of consumers. Unrealistic product portrayals in television commercials and ancient, impotent billboards are defenseless against the digital media advertisements traveling through cyberspace, particularly via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

According to the 2017 State of Automotive Marketing report, the heaviest marketing priority of auto dealerships was conversion (the point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action). The key conversion for automotive dealerships is ultimately the act of converting a customer to a purchaser of a good or service. The advent of [...]

Commercial trucks are massive, powerful machines that are the cornerstone of most businesses that operate today. Although large amounts of people rely on this industry, it seems as if it goes un-noticed in the eye of the public. With a product that is used by many different people, one would assume that marketing these trucks would be any advertiser’s dream. Unfortunately, the trucking industry is lacking innovation and the drive to stay ahead of the game. It is an everyday struggle for the marketers of this industry to produce fresh, original content in a place that reaches the targeted market. With the constantly changing landscape of advertising, and an industry that struggles to keep up with the times, we have set out to flip the script.
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