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Got your eye on a used Dump Truck?  Buying a used work truck can be a smart way to go, especially if you’re not exactly loaded up on cash right.  To ensure you don’t end up getting ripped off though, here are five important things you should look for when buying a used Dump Truck:

  1. Engine – If your engine isn’t good, well…there’s a problem.  You’re not going to get very far in your Dump Truck.  Unless you are a mechanic or know a lot about heavy equipment, it is always best to have a professional mechanic or knowledgeable operator inspect the engine of the truck you’re considering.  Dump Trucks come in all different makes like Isuzu, Hino, and Kenworth.  It’s wise to find a mechanic that specializes in working on the exact model you are looking for because engines do vary a lot.



Box Truck RVs are giving a whole new meaning to living “out of the box” these days.  As more people take to the road after retirement and even more are getting out from under outrageous expenses of renting or owning a home, the innovative concept of living in a Box Truck is catching on.

Box Truck to RV Conversions

There are two ways to convert a Box Truck into an RV.  One is to hire someone to do it.  While this method is the most expensive, it’s also more convenient.  Furthermore, when comparing the average cost of an RV to the cost of a new or used Box Truck, even when the expense of conversion is tacked on, the price is far lower.

You can find multiple sites online [...]

Cool Summer Start-Up: IN the Box (Truck) Ice Cream Biz

Bring Your Ice Cream Dream to Life

Seriously…what could be cooler than starting your own mobile ice cream business this summer?  Find out how to do it and hot tips to ensure your success.

Why Start a Mobile Ice Cream Business?

People can’t get enough of the mouth-watering creamy goodness, especially when the weather’s warm.  According to recent statistics, 291.09 million individuals in the United States enjoyed ice cream last year alone.  That’s a lot of potential customers!

It is estimated that ice cream vendors have an average of $200 to $300 dripping in every day during the summer months.  Gross monthly averages in the peak months are around $5000 with $2500 or better being the net average after supplies, employees, [...]



If you’re in the market for a used Commercial Truck, you may be dreading the hunt.  There’s so much to think about.  On top of that, you typically have to deal with pushy salespeople. 

Here are 10 tips that will help you pick out an awesome used work truck and eliminated obnoxious sellers in the process.

  1.  Check Mate!  Know what you’re looking for before you venture out.  Jot down your requirements and the price range you need or want.  Have a good idea of what kind of vehicle you’re after – Dump Truck, Box Truck, Boom Truck, Cab and Chassis, Flatbed, and so forth.  Having a list in hand will give you something to refer back to when pesky salespeople try to persuade [...]


Looking to get your own dirt hauling business off the ground?  Starting your own dirt toting company requires minimal investment so if you’re ready to get rolling, here’s how:

  1. You’ll need a trusty Dump Truck.  It doesn’t have to be new or cost a fortune, but it needs to be dependable or you’ll never be able to keep your customers.  While you can sink tons of cash into a Dump Truck, if you don’t have it, don’t.  You can find a great deal on a used Dump Truck at MJ Truck Nation.
  2. Be sure you are well trained in the area of dirt hauling.  What you lack knowledge in, get busy learning.  Talk to those who’ve been in the industry for years and ask questions.
  3. Create a detailed business [...]

Isuzu is a worldwide leader in diesel trucks.  The Japanese-based company has manufactured thousands of them since they got their start back in 1916.  They perfected the low cab forward in the United States and has been the best-selling manufacturer in the category every single year since 1986. 

Of all the Isuzu Diesel Trucks built in the past 30 years, 83% are still registered and running on American highways today.  That speaks volumes for the company and the trucks.


History of Isuzu Work Trucks

The history of Isuzu been a wild ride.  While the manufacturer stopped producing cars to be sold in the U.S. in early 2009.  But that was far from the end of the American-Isuzu love affair. 

The first Isuzu Commercial Truck graced the Port of Jacksonville, Florida [...]


If you have a Box Truck and are fond of four-legged furballs, why not embark on a mobile pet grooming business?  Mobile pet groomers fetch an average of around $45,000 per year which isn’t too shabby.   Plus, you’ll get to rub noses with wonderful creatures, great and small. 

Reasons to Start a Mobile Pet Grooming Business

The past year with all its trials and tribulations has been a good reminder that loving what you do and doing what you love is vital in this day and age.  Furthermore, diversification is important too.  Many who lost their jobs due to the pandemic realized the value of fending for themselves by being self-employed.

The pet industry is one that tends to thrive no matter what the economy is doing.  In fact, during COVID-19, [...]



On November 19, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) officially clarified what defines the scope of an agricultural product load.  Until now, there had been a lot of grey areas but with the specifications in place, many farmers and truckers who transport agricultural products are finding favor in the rulings.

Within the new regulations, agricultural goods include livestock, any agricultural commodity, and non-processed food.  Since agricultural goods fall under federal guidelines, the distinction will allow the place stipulations on the delivery of the products, ultimately making transporting them safer since hours-of-service laws will apply to them.  Farmers will reap the benefits as well because their goods will travel in a safer manner and the process will be more efficient. 

Prior to the clarifications, the regulations for farmers and the truckers who [...]

Trinity Logistics Group, a Texas-based trucking company, has slammed the brakes on operations.  The news has left its 102 drivers in utter shock.  Amidst the uncertainty the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about, the abrupt closure is being called “devastating”.

The announcement was made on September 28 via a conference call.  Drivers were informed they would no longer have a job and that all equipment was to be returned almost immediately.  The now-defunct carrier company offered flatbed, oversize, and heavy hauling services.  Trinity Industries, the mother company of Trinity Logistics Group, is the owner of Trinity Rails which has been hit hard by issues surrounding frac sand.

“At least we got paid and weren’t stranded like drivers for Ohio-based Falcon Transport and Celadon of Indianapolis were,” stated Paul, a past employee.  “Still…it is a big blow.”

The Trinity shut-down [...]



Port-a-parties are the trendy new way for parents to throw their kids a fabulously fun birthday party without the headache that usually goes along with such an event.   Why not join in the fun and make yourself some cash in the process?

Commercial Vehicle set-ups, you can be on the road to raking in the party dough in no time.  Here’s how to make your Party in a Box Truck happen in six easy steps:

  1. Plan.  You will need a good plan – for yourself and for the bank if you intend to seek financing for your business.  Exactly what type of mobile party company are you going to have?  What are you going to offer – a bounce house, a blow-up slide, carnival games, video games, paintball, or something else?  Maybe you’ll [...]
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