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There are so many Commercial Work Trucks on the market today, knowing the difference between them can be confusing – especially when two sound so much alike as Day Cab and Cab and Chassis Truck names do.

Day Cab

A Day Cab Truck is a truck that comes without a cabin compartment for sleeping.  It only has a single compartment which is located on top of the engine of the truck.  Cab-Over Trucks are similar but have the sleeper units located above the cab area while Sleeper Trucks have an extra room in the back that is utilized for sleeping.

Day Cabs are commonly used for local delivery purposes when the driver has no need to be sleeping in his truck.  Some long-distance truck drivers elect to drive Day Cabs because they prefer to [...]


Landscapers are gearing up for the spring and summer jobs at hand.  Landscaping Trucks all across the country are revving up their engines, getting ready to dig in.  But some may need a little TLC before they’re up for the work.

From salt spreading and snow removal to salt spreading in the winter to hauling plants and trees in the spring and summer, Landscaping Trucks are invaluable to the Landscaping industry.  If you have a Landscaping Truck, you’ll want to ensure your vehicle is in prime condition for the peak months ahead.  Here’s how:

Get Your Tires Ready to Roll

Whether you’ve been using your Landscaping Truck through the winter months or not, take time to access, rotate, and align your tires.  But first, make sure they are in good condition [...]


Isuzu makes some of the best Spray Trucks in the world.  They make a lot of them too, not only do they produce mass quantities, they make a wide selection of different models too.  Deciding which Isuzu Spray Truck is right for you can be overwhelming.  Read on to make choosing your perfect fit can be made simple.

About Isuzu

Isuzu is a leading name in the Commercial Truck industry and in in the personal vehicle line too. In 1984 the first Isuzu Truck arrived at the Port of Jacksonville, Florida.  Today, over 500,000 have made their way to the US. 

Isuzu Commercial Trucks are wildly popular among those who make their living behind the wheel.  Economy, reliability, and comfort are some of the main reasons workers all across the [...]

Are you looking for a Dump Truck?  What you’ll be dumping is the main factor to consider when choosing a new or used Dump Truck.  The manufacture, year model, and other details won’t matter much if you don’t choose according to your load size and type.  It’s imperative to buy not just the perfect truck but the perfect truck for you. 

For instance, you may have your eye on a sweet deal on a Dumper, but if it’s larger than you need, you’ll be using excess fuel and power.  But, if it’s too small for your loads, you will have wasted your money altogether.

Vital Specs for Choosing a Dump Truck

Don’t be stuck out with a Dumper that is over or under-qualified for the work you’ll be using it for.  Consider these five things before you commit [...]

Day Cab Trucks offer a lot of advantages over trucks with sleeper cabs in many instances.  If a sleeper would just be taking up room, why foot the expense?  If you drive locally or prefer stopping to get a room anyway, check out all the great reasons a Day Cab might be a great fit for you.

What is a Day Cab?

A Day Cab is also known as a Semi-Truck Cab minus a sleeper area.  They come in tandem drive axels and single axels.  You can find them in many makes and models with different specifications.  Day Cabs were around before Sleeper Cab Trucks were invented.  They served the sole purpose of transporting heavy loads across town or across the nation.  Day Cabs are commonly seen in heavy distribution areas like airports, distribution sites, industrial sections of town, and around ports. [...]


Hino.  It’s a name that’s been around since 1942 and when it comes to diesel engines, we’re beginning to believe that “they’ve got this”.   You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better manufacturer. 

About Cab and Chassis

Cab and Chassis are some of the most versatile work trucks on the market.  They are the choice of scores of professional drivers and workers and independent contractors too.  There are many models to choose from so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs in a commercial vehicle. 

A Cab and Chassis is a truck with a front cab but no trailer or bed.  The back axle is in plain view, ready to hook on to a trailer or whatever hook-up you need if you require one at all.  That’s the beauty of a Cab and Chassis, while most work vehicles are limiting, a Cab and Chassis leaves the [...]


If you’re in the market for a lucrative side hustle this spring, you might want to consider starting a hauling business.  With a good Work Truck and a little muscle, you’ll be well on your way to making some bucks.  Here’s how to make it happen:

Make a PlanWhat do you want to haul?  You can specialize in yard clean-up, garage clean-outs, trash removal, or large item pick-up.  Or, you can choose to be a jack-of-all-trades.  It’s a good idea to think each option through and what it will take, money-wise and physically to get the jobs done.

Secure a Truck:  You’ll need something to haul with.  A work vehicle will most likely be your largest investment.  A Flatbed Truck is a great choice because you can fit more in it than a [...]


It’s just about that time!  Spring is bringing plenty of work to the Landscaping industry.  Over half of all residential homeowners and 30% of commercial property owners employ the services of landscaping, including designing and building, maintenance, and other ground details.  That’s a lot of work!

Make sure your Landscape Business blooms in full color when you get your business done with a great landscaping truck.  Whether it’s a brand new one or a newer used one, you owe it to your company and to your customers to maximize your services with help from a dependable, hard-working truck.

Here are some ways having an awesome Landscape Truck can help:

Economy:  If you are paying a ton to keep your current Work Truck running, it’s time to invest in one that will [...]



It’s no secret – 2020 was a challenging year for all.  For many businesses, it was “sink or swim”.  In a recently posted YouTube video, Florida-based MJ Truck Nation president, MJ Martin, candidly talked about the tribulations and triumphs the year presented the truck dealership and, perhaps most importantly, revealed hopeful plans for going forward into 2021.

Winners tend to have one thing in common when it comes to adversity – instead of a stumbling block, they use obstacles as stepping stones.  Such has been the case at MJ Truck Nation with Martin at the helm.

Going into the chaos of the uncharted waters of the COVID-19 pandemic, Martin closed up shop, locking the doors for the safety of his employees, customers, and of course, himself.  Strict measures were put into place which would eventually lead to the [...]


In a recent YouTube video, MJ Truck Nation president MJ Martin recapped how the company handled the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the measures in the plans going into 2021.  Throughout the video, one thing rang loud and clear – MJ Truck Nation LOVES its customers!

How the Story Began

MJ Truck Nation was established in 2007 on the concept that by selling top-notch Commercial Vehicles at rock-bottom prices, everyone would win.  Great emphasis was placed on customer satisfaction as well as on repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.  The same holds true to this day.

MJ Truck Nation Today

As an authorized Isuzu, Hino, and Fuso dealer (just to mention a few), MJ Truck Nation is a leader in Commercial Vehicle sales.  They offer an all-inclusive dealership – sales, service, and parts- in order to make the customer’s experience [...]

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