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Book a Box Truck and Open a Mobile Library

Reading on the Go is Turning Pages and a Few Heads

Book a Box Truck and Open a Mobile Library 1

Are you ready for an all-new chapter in your life to unfold?  If you love books and using your imagination, why not combine the two for a plot sure to be a novel success.

With a Box Truck and some great books, you can get your new career on the road with a mobile library.  Here’s how to get it all lined out in six simple steps:

What You’ll Need:
  1. Books:  Any library needs books.  Where you get your books will depend on your budget and the theme of your mobile library.  If your books are inexpensive (or free), you can organize a book drive to fill your shelves with donated books.  You can also find lots of great deals [...]

Make Money Moving Portable Sheds

Put Your Flatbed Truck to Work for You

Make Money Moving Portable Sheds 2

Drive down any highway, especially in rural areas, and you’ll see lot after lot full of portable buildings for sale or rent.  Selling portable sheds, garages, offices, and even small homes is a huge, profitable, and ever-growing business.  Once a shed is sold or rented, it has to get to its destination, usually on top of a Flatbed Truck.  Drivers are cleaning up on the trend too.

Get Moving with a Flatbed Truck

Independent shed movers make good money every time they transport a shed.  The going rate is $500 for a typical local transport.  Generally, there is nothing else required of the driver except to deliver it to the destination.  From there, a crew generally awaits that tends to take over from there to put wheels on it and drag it to its [...]

2015 Isuzu NPR-HD Box Truck with Palfinger Lift Gate 3


This 2015 Isuzu NPR-HD with Palfinger Lift Gate Box Truck is ideal for those who need a beast of a vehicle for their livelihood.  From moving companies to furniture delivery businesses, this workhorse will get the job done.

The body is a 16-foot Morgan, the ideal length for a Box Truck. It has two rows of E-Trac to secure cargo.   You’ll have ample room to haul a wide variety of things, like furniture, construction material, appliances, or a full home of belongings.  It’s not too big though, so you’ll save money on the initial purchase as well as on gas.  Plus, you won’t find yourself stuck out when it comes to parking and getting through tight spots.

Talk about powerful!  This Isuzu Box Truck [...]

Flatbed Truck with Tree Bar

Branch Your Landscape Business Out
Flatbed Truck with Tree Bar 4

If you want to take your landscape business to the next level, you’ll need a Landscape Flatbed Truck to accommodate your ambitions.   The more specialized your landscape Truck is, the more efficiently it can serve your needs, and therefore, the broader your scope of landscape work will be able to be.

What is a Landscape Truck with a Tree Bar?

A Landscape Truck is a cab with a flatbed trailer attached.  Landscape Trucks are typically found in Light and Medium-Duty versions.  The size of a truck a landscape company elects to go with generally depends upon the nature of their specific services and the amount of work they do.

The Flatbed Trucks used in a Landscape Truck are equipped with various feature options.  Some have tall stake-bed sides to encase trees, plants, materials, and landscaping [...]

2011 Isuzu NPR-HD Spray and Pest Truck 5

Do you own (or hope to own) a business that depends on spraying, you certainly need a great Spray and Pest Truck?  Whether you are in the extermination, landscaping, or agricultural industry or have another spray endeavor, owning a dependable and affordable Spray and Pest Truck is a must.  Check out this 2011 Isuzu NPR-HD Spray and Pest Truck that has all the bases covered…and then some.

What It’s Got

The 2011 Isuzu NPR-HD Spray and Pest Truck have a lot to offer.  It sports a 5.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine for peak performance and power. 

This Spray and Pest Truck is 13.5 feet long, the perfect length for most spraying jobs, including landscape, agriculture, and pest control duties.  The size of this truck is conducive to getting in and out [...]

Spray and pest trucks are the most common vehicles used in the pesticide industry. In the past, however, these types of trucks often come with their share of bugs. The biggest obstacle is that pest control vehicles often require customizations that are not always offered in basic spray and pest trucks. That’s where MJ Truck Nation comes in.
Sometimes, services have commercial vehicle requirements that don’t fit inside the box - like ambulances, RVs, and fire-fighting vehicles. Cab and chassis set-ups allow for complete customization to occur in order to accommodate all the specific needs.
Whether you are dumping garbage or gravel, if you are in the in the tipping business, you will need a tipping, or dump truck. There are different types of trucks that serve a number of purposes. Before you pick your tipper, here are some helpful tips on doing so:
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