Flatbed Trucks for Hauling Equipment and Materials

Looking for a new or used Flatbed Truck for sale? Looking for a new or used Flatbed Truck for sale? Flatbed Trucks make hauling equipment and materials a cinch which is why they are one of the most sought after Commercial Trucks on the market. Here are some tips that will make your Flatbed Truck hunt a little easier and a lot more successful:

What Is a Flatbed Truck?

A Flatbed Truck, also called a Flatbed Lorry, is a type of truck with bodywork that consists of a level bed and no roof or sides. They can be rigid or articulated. A Flatbed Truck is excellent for hauling equipment and materials that are heavy, oversized or oddly shaped because the bed is not confined like closed body trucks are.
Flatbed Trucks have unique beds that are designed so material can be loaded quickly and efficiently – whether it’s done manually or with the help of equipment like a forklift. The beds typically consist of wooden planks but can be made of metal or aluminum. To compensate for not having fixed sides, low sides can be added on or steel upright pillars can be temporarily or permanently erected to retain the load. Tie-down hooks can usually be found on the trucks so loads can also be tied down. Webbing straps are sometimes used instead.
In the 80s, there was a decline in Flatbed Trucks as more cargo-type trucks were being used to transport goods. There has been a recent resurgent, however. The reason? Flatbed Trucks simply can’t be beat for specialized and abnormal loads like irregular-sized lumber and dry wall, steel, oil rig parts, and more.

How to Pick the Right Flatbed Truck for Sale

If you are trying to determine the Flatbed Truck that’s right for you, it’s a good idea to figure out what you’ll want to be hauling now and in the future. Your intentions may only presently involve one item, but if you eventually want to branch out, take that into consideration.

The typical lengths of a Flatbed are 48 or 53 feet although older models may be only 45 feet long. The width is generally either 96 or 102 inches (with side rub rails and stake pockets included).

Body and frames are constructed of steel, wood, or aluminum. Aluminum is popular because it is lightweight but, it is quite expensive and slippery when wet. Wood is beloved for its aesthetic appeal and for the fact that the wooden slats can be easily and affordably repaired and replaced, but wood weathers. Steel is extremely strong and durable, but it makes for a heavier Gross Vehicle Weight.

Step Deck (Drop Deck) Flatbeds have decks that are about 2 feet lower than the normal deck and has low profile wheels that keep loads that are taller from hitting low bridges and tunnels. Step Decks have convenient loading ramps where vehicles can drive on and off the back of them from ground level which is ideal for transporting wrecked or non-running vehicles or those that are being recovered.

Short trailer Flatbeds serve a multitude of purposes, especially in the landscaping and construction industries where small loads are common. A forklift can be attacked to the back which allows a single driver to load and unload pallet items by himself.

A headache rack is a safety feature to watch for on a Flatbed Truck. It is attached to the front of a step deck or straight trailer to secure the part of the load that is in the front of the deck. In the event that part of the load comes loose or there’s an accident, the headache rack bends to block the cargo from going into the cab. One version of the headache rack is nicknamed the “Cali spread”. It has two axles spread out to enable more weight to be distributed on the deck’s rear. The purpose of this spread is to offer more protection while complying with formulas of bridge weight set by California and other states.

By knowing and understanding what Flatbed Trucks entail and what features are available in them, you’ll be better able to figure out which type is the best fit for your individual requirements.

Choosing the Right Flatbed for Equipment Transportation

Needless to say, if you own a towing service and will be transporting vehicles on your Flatbed Truck, you’ll want a heavy duty steel bed. If you are going to be toting pipes for oil rigs, you’ll require the same. But, if you will be delivering lumber for contractors, you may save a bundle by going with a lighter-duty Flatbed. The best rule is to stay within the range you expect to service or grow into. You don’t want a Flatbed that isn’t powerful or large enough or with a bed that isn’t strong enough for your needs. Then again, purchasing a Flatbed with that is larger than you need may be costly and unwise.

Here’s a rundown of various occupations and factors to consider when choosing the right new or used Flatbed Truck for sale that will accommodate their needs:
Dimensions: Be sure the length of Flatbed you purchase is long enough for your loads…but, not too long. Usually, the longer the bed is, the more weight it can hold since it will most likely be equipped with a larger chassis.

Class: The class a Flatbed is in makes a difference in where you can drive it and the type of license you will need in order to operate it. Class 1-3 Flatbeds range from 8 foot on a 56-inch cab-to-axle (CA) chassis all the way up to 12 foot on a CA 1-ton chassis that is 84-inches. Classes 4-7 include Flatbeds that weigh up to 33,000 GVW ranging from 60-inch CA to bodies measuring 28 feet on a 205-inch CA.

Platform material: The material the bed of a Flatbed is made of should be one of the most decisive factors when choosing one. Stainless steel, wood and other composites, and aluminum are the most popular choices.

Platform type: Choose with care when picking between “basic”, “heavy duty,” and “extra heavy duty” Flatbed models.

Bulkhead: Don’t forget to look for Flatbeds that add a measure of safety to the mix. Transporting in Flatbed Trucks can be dangerous enough so go for all the protection you can.
Stakes and Sides: Most Flatbeds come with stake racks or solid stakes to keep loads from spilling off the bed. Stake racks tend to be lighter in weight and are best when used to contain bulky material. Take into consideration how high the stakes are if the truck you are looking at comes with them. Stakes that are taller than standard heights will cost a pretty penny, driving your Flatbed price up. If you need them, pay the price but if not, you may want to look further for a Flatbed that has no stakes or ones that are normal heights. Some stakes are welded or bolted on which is a great option for loose materials like sand or granular substances. These stake do not accommodate some oversized, irregular loads of heavy equipment or supplies, however. Flatbeds with removable provide flexibility, letting you decide whether to transport with or without stakes.

Gates and sides: Be sure to check-out the gates and/or sides. Some Flatbeds have swing-open gates while others have fold-down gates. Sides can be found as an optional feature. Depending on the make, model, and manufacture of the Flatbed, they are available in aluminum, composite, wood, and steel.

Value and service: The overall weight, construction material, and price should reflect your requirements and your budget. Your Flatbed should be able to accommodate all your needs while not breaking your budget. In order to fulfill that, you may want to contemplate going with a used Flatbed Truck and also, looking to a dealership, such as MJ TruckNation, with rock bottom prices and an on-site financing department.

We Sell New and Used Flatbed Trucks

Once you have in mind what you needs in a Flatbed Truck are, you’ll want to decide if you want to get a new one or if you’d like to check out used ones. If your budget allows for purchasing a new Flatbed Truck, by all means – do it. You’ll have a brand new warranty and many miles ahead to enjoy your truck. But, if you are concerned about financing a new Flatbed, you might want to consider a used one. Flatbeds tend to last for many miles, especially durable brands such as Isuzu, Fuso, and Hino.
If you’ve searched for “used Flatbed Truck near me”, you’ve landed in the right place. At MJ TruckNation, we serve the entire USA. If you aren’t in the South Florida area, no worries. We deliver!

Regardless of which you decide on, we sell both new and used Flatbed Trucks. We have a wide variety of sizes and deal with some of the leading manufacturers in the world. Come on it to the dealership or check us out online.

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