When You Really, Really Need a Commercial Work Truck

Find A Commercial Truck that Meets Whatever Need (or Want) You Have


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Some people want a Commercial Work Truck.  Others NEED one!  No matter which category you fall into, there are tons of reasons a Commercial Work Truck is a perfect solution for your situation.


When you have stuff to haul, you need a truck, and not just any truck, you need a Commercial Work Truck. Flatbed Trucks can be used with or without sideboards to accommodate hauling practically anything.  Hauling oversized loads in a regular truck can be dangerous and illegal.  Available in new or used versions, a Flatbed Truck will get you legally and safely rolling on all your hauling needs. 


One of the top reasons to get a Commercial Work Truck is that not only can it fill your personal needs, but it can also bring in some cash flow too.  Many individuals purchase a Commercial Work Truck for personal use like to haul hay or tote their race car on, and hire out their services on the side.  A side job or two a month can actually make your Commercial Truck Payment.  Play your cards smart and do the math to put the numbers in your favor.  How can a Commercial Work Truck work for you?

Recreation and Living Quarters

ATVs are all the rage right now.  Or, maybe you want to have a mobile home (literally).  Whatever it is you are looking for, recreationally or a portable living arrangement, chances are that with a little imagination and a creative touch or two, a Commercial Work Truck can fill your needs and make your dreams come true.

MJ TruckNation

MJ TruckNation has been doing business for more than 15 years.  We are committed to serving you.  We put our customers over sales and will never put pressure on you to make a purchase.  Here’s our MJ TruckNation guarantee – If we can’t find the exact truck you are looking for, we’ll find one for you or custom make one for you.

MJ TruckNation is located in South Florida.  Don’t live in the South Florida area?  No problem. We can deliver to any location in the country.

Worried about the COVID-19 pandemic?  We’ve got you covered on that too.  We go to extreme measures to make sure any Commercial Work Truck you want to look at, test drive, or purchase is sanitized and germ-free.  Our team members practice optimized social distancing and face-covering measures to assure you are safe.  And, we can do super-safe business online.

Our company consists of professionals that are knowledgeable and friendly.  We work hard to make sure your Commercial Work Truck is everything you need and want in a vehicle.  We have parts and service at our dealership and on-site financing too.  Our prices are rock bottom.

Give us a call and let us get you on the road in a new or used Commercial Work Truck today – (561) 220-9992.

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