With the price of fuel these days, it’s more important than ever to maximize your loads and to make sure they are efficiently planned. If you have a fleet, the need to do so is even more imperative.


Here are some tips to help you make sure you loading technique is up to par:


  1. Size. Use the proper type of truck for the load you are carrying. A large commercial work truck is not appropriate for a very small load because it obviously wastes fuel but carrying too heavy of a load in a smaller work truck will ruin your vehicle.
  2. Cargo Management. Be sure you are maximizing the space you have to load cargo in. Ensure the weight, positioning, and distribution is optimized, especially when a trailer is involved as that is also a safety measure.
  3. Reloading. When you or your driver are unloading at a destination and [...]

Most Common

 Uses for a Flatbed 

Flatbeds are one of the most useful of all commercial work vehicles. The fact that their beds can carry oversized, irregular loads make for high demand. If you have a Flatbed Truck or are considering purchasing one, some of the many uses you can put it to include:

Construction Material Hauling

Construction material comes in all shapes and sizes. Much of it requires a flat surface to be laid upon but reaches far beyond what a traditional truck bed or Box Truck bed allows. Flatbed Trucks are ideal for transporting sheets of plywood and solid wood, drywall, and even the equipment that’s used on the jobsite. 

Building and Excavation Equipment Transporting

Flatbeds can haul heavy loads. Backhoes, Cement Mixers, Bobcats, Cranes, and other digging and building equipment can fit on the bed for hauling.  Many construction, excavation, and remodeling companies outsource transportation for such items and hire [...]

The trucking industry is a profitable field to be working in presently. Even when the economy is upside down, truckers are in demand. Without their services, the nation would be without food, bottled water, medicine, and even fuel. 

Not all trucking jobs are the 18-wheeler, big rig kind. Many truckers make their living from Box Trucks. Owner-operators typically are the highest paid workers but some still choose to rent or lease a truck instead.

Do I Need a CDL to Operate a Box Truck?

There are many different types of jobs that are done with Box Trucks, and most can be accomplished without a CDL. A Box Truck with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,000 pounds or less doesn’t require a CDL. Most run between 22 and 26 feet long which is an average size van. It is, however, always a plus to have a Class A or B CDL. 

Popular [...]

Lawn care is a growing industry. Last year, it generated 114.6 billion in revenue worldwide. The industry is expected to grow by over 5% in 2022 in the US alone. Although there are 621,733 landscaping and lawn maintenance businesses in the nation, there is still a demand for more. Studies show that people are becoming busier with less time to do the work themselves. 

With a Landscaping Truck and a little ingenuity, you can join the lawn workforce where some are raking in $100,000 or more a year. Here’s how:

  1. Purchase a new or used Landscape Truck – preferably one that has relatively good fuel economy. Determine your budget and do your best to stick to it.
  2. Brand your business. Give your company a personality and follow through in the font, color scheme, and imagery. Be consistent in your ads and any signage.
  3. Tend to the legalities. Register your business name and [...]

Regardless of whether you’re shopping for a new or a used commercial work truck, there are some features you’ll want to pay attention to. Your work truck shouldn’t merely be a reliable vehicle – it should be your hauler, mobile office, toolbox, and maybe even recreational transport. 

Requirements as a Work Truck 

Serving as your work truck, you will need a vehicle that serves your purpose such as a Box Truck, Cement Mixer, Flatbed, Tow Truck, and so forth. Not only will you want it to run efficiently, but it should also be smooth to operate. If you constantly use the gate, a hydraulic lift is vital. It you tow with it, it should be equipped with high towing capacity so you never have to worry your load is too heavy. 


If you work solo, you can most likely get by without a crew cab. You’ll save money on the initial cost [...]

Why continually dump your money into a Dump Truck when you can come out ahead with an economical Isuzu NPR-HD Dump Truck? There are tons of uses for a Dump Truck. From hauling gravel to and from the jobsite to collecting and disposing of garbage, Dump Trucks are ideal for transporting many types of materials. Read on to find out how you can have a Dump Truck that is easy to drive and efficient to maintain. 

What is a Dump Truck?

A Dump Truck is also known as a Dump Trailer, Dumper Trailer, Tipper Lorry, Dump Lorry, and Dumping Truck. It is used to transport and for demolition waste. Road construction, new home construction, home remodeling, and landscaping are examples of areas Dump Trucks are utilized.

Most Dump Trucks are equipped with open-box beds with hinges at the rear and have hydraulic rams that make loading and unloading easier. It also allows the [...]

If looking for a job you love has you feeling like you’re wasting away, what about starting a mobile Margarita business? With minimal equipment and ingredients and a Box Truck, you’ll be the buzz about town. Check out what you’ll need to do in order to get your business rolling. 

Facts about Margaritas

Although no one is sure the origins of the Margarita, it is the most popular alcoholic mixed drink in the United States. It accounts for over 18% of all mixed drink sales. Traditional Margaritas are made with a frozen concoction of tequila, orange liqueur (like Triple Sec), and lime juice in a 3-2-1 proportion and are served with a lime slice on top. There are many variations, however, including strawberry Margaritas.

Taking it to the Streets

Commercial Margarita machines simplify the mixing process and make creating the drink a breeze for those who are selling them. For a mobile Margarita [...]

Road construction tends to boom in the hot summer months, challenging those who make their living on the road but filling the pockets of those who are in road construction industries. If you have a commercial work truck, there are some road construction jobs worth considering especially now while they are in full swing and in need of help.

Road Construction Vehicles

The American road infrastructure system was built in the middle of the twentieth century. There are thousands of miles of paved roads connecting the different parts of the US. They don’t come without a price tag though. Highways and interstates are constantly in need of care and maintenance. 

Roads, bridges, and tunnels are among the aging assets on the list up for construction and repair. If you are among the many who feel called to do the job, you’re in luck. You’re very much needed, and the pay is typically exceptional. [...]

North Carolina truck mechanic Matthew Sidney Geourge recently received a one year jail sentence for selling thousands of defeat devices to bypass emissions control systems. He was also ordered to pay $1.3 million in fines to the EPA, and $1.2 million in back taxes and penalties.

And…he’s not the only one and the problem isn’t limited to the US. Germany authorities just raided Kia and Hyundai, claiming they put over 210,000 diesel vehicles with illegal defect devices on the road. Volkswagen was cited in 2015 for using software to cheat US emissions regulations. VW plead guilty to the change but nonetheless, other manufacturers and individuals have followed suit.

So, what’s the big deal about defeat devices and why are they so popular?

Emissions control is a hot topic these day and a sore spot for many diesel-fuel vehicle owners. California has put steep regulations in order due to the pollution diesel fuel emits. [...]

If you own a 2010 or older model year diesel truck in the state of California, things may be looking so sunny soon. In 2020, California put into place a new carbon emission regulation requires all commercial trucks to pass new emissions standards by January 2023. If that includes you, it’s time to get busy or you may not be able to renew your registration.

The Fine Details

California is basing the registration regulations on the year of the truck. While 2004 and older were due in 2020 and 2005-2007 were expected to comply by 2021, 2008-2012 come due January of 2023. The regulation is for all diesel-fueled trucks that are 14,000 pounds or greater GVWR.

The news isn’t new. The projected change has been in place for over a decade. Nevertheless, if you are not in a position to act, you may find yourself in a bad spot. 

Why the Stiff Regulations? [...]
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