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A few months ago, it became apparent that the global chip shortage was getting severe.  It has spilled over from the car industry to the working vehicle realm as well.  Millions of individuals are affected and the livelihood of many are at stake.

Due to chip shortages for new vehicles, buying a work truck has become very challenging.  Construction contractors, home and office cleaners, and service-oriented business owners everywhere are struggling to purchase work vehicles for their companies amid the rebounding economy.

Prices are elevated and selections are scant but those who do get their hands on trucks are pleased even if the vehicle isn’t even close to what they really needed to run their businesses in.

Chips run many parts [...]

Got your eye on a used Dump Truck?  Buying a used work truck can be a smart way to go, especially if you’re not exactly loaded up on cash right.  To ensure you don’t end up getting ripped off though, here are five important things you should look for when buying a used Dump Truck:

  1. Engine – If your engine isn’t good, well…there’s a problem.  You’re not going to get very far in your Dump Truck.  Unless you are a mechanic or know a lot about heavy equipment, it is always best to have a professional mechanic or knowledgeable operator inspect the engine of the truck you’re considering.  Dump Trucks come in all different makes like Isuzu, Hino, and Kenworth.  It’s wise to find a mechanic that specializes in working on the exact model you are looking for because engines do vary a lot.

The Dump Truck market went over 14 billion in 2020 and is projected to continue to grow more than 7% between 2021 and 2027 which is better than was expected.  Although some mines have been shut down, it turns out that metals are still being extracted and there’s a high demand for them which is creating jobs for Dump Truck drivers.  There are also government initiatives that are boosting mining and extraction jobs too.

If you have a Dump Truck or have been thinking of getting one, now is the time. 

What a Dump Truck Does

A dump truck is a truck with a large engine and deep bed in the back that is open and ready to [...]


Wouldn’t it be fun (and profitable) to own your own mobile Margarita bar?  If you want to really get your wheels turning, read on to find out exactly how to get your business buzzing.

Why Start a Mobile Margarita Bar?

Everyone loves Margaritas!  By owning a mobile bar, if the business isn’t coming to you, you can go to it.  Catch the Friday crowd of a local big business, cater to local events, or bring your Margaritas to any party or get-together.  Start-up costs are low, work is minimal, and the possibilities are endless.

Steps to Starting a Mobile Margarita Bar

Here’s how to get your mobile Margarita business rolling:

  1. Licenses

Having a cocktail [...]


If you’re looking for a fun and profitable business this summer, why not crush it with a mobile snow cone truck?  Here’s how to get rolling and other things you’ll need to know…

How Much Money Does a Snow Cone Business Make?

A snow cone business typically shovels in anywhere from $100 to $2000 per day.  The amount of profit you will make depends on your location, the market in your area, competition, hours of operation, and overhead.

Awesome Advantages to Owning a Snow Cone Business

Especially if you live in a state with a warm climate, like Texas or Arizona, a snow cone business can be very lucrative.  There’s very little overhead, basically just your truck, a snow cone machine or ice shaver, some syrup, and paper snow cone cups.  You can buy ice cheaply or make it [...]

Boom Trucks (also known as Bucket Trucks) are powerful vehicles that are equipped with a bucket lift that can elevate your service business to all new heights.  A Boom Truck enables you to reach areas you couldn’t otherwise access like tall roofs, high windows, treetops, electric wires, parking lot and warehouse ceiling lighting, and communication wiring.

A Bucket Truck can be a lifesaver or…it can be a complete waste of money. If you buy a Boom Truck for your lighting business but sadly find the lift isn’t high enough for the work you generally do…yeah…BOOM.

The bottom line is – it’s imperative to purchase the best Boom Truck for your individual needs.


Who Uses Boom Trucks?

Landscapers, electricians, lighting specialists, painters, window washers, arborists, construction crews, and a myriad of other workers benefit from the use of a Boom Truck.  If your job entails reaching high spots, you need one [...]


If your business has grown and you’re thinking of adding a fleet, you’re in good company.  About one-fifth of vehicle purchases are fleet purchases.  Find out if it’s time for you to level up and start letting the numbers work for you instead of against you…

When Should I Consider a Fleet Purchase?

There are a number of situations that indicate it’s the right time to buy a fleet of work trucks.  If you are spending money leasing vehicles, you can invest the money rather than shell it out for rent.  Are you turning down jobs because you can’t handle any more work due to not having enough trucks to do the service?  If you had more work trucks, would you be able to hire more people and ultimately make more money?  Can you afford to buy a fleet of trucks if it [...]


Want to make some good clean cash?  If you have a Dump Truck and perhaps an excavator (or at least a good shovel), you can start a lucrative dirt-moving business.  There are a few things you’ll need to know in order to get off the ground though.

What Type of Dirty Job are you Going to Offer?

Before you can get the word out that you’re in the dirt moving business, you’ll want to narrow down the exact nature of your new service.  Are you going to do landscape installs, grading, or maybe dirt removal for excavating companies?  Maybe you are going to do the excavation work too.  Do you want to focus on residential or commercial work?  Maybe you want it all.


It’s wise to look into the various areas of dirt hauling.  Find out which pay the most [...]

If you have a tree trimming or arbor business, you know how vital it is to have a good truck.  But, which is the best truck for your arsenal?  Or, would your business benefit from more than one?  Read on to find out…

With one or more of the trucks below, you can have a lucrative tree trimming or arbor business.  As your business grows, you can increase your supply of trucks in order to keep up with your company and even expand it.

Below you will find the best work trucks for landscaping and arborist jobs and why…

Landscape Flatbed Truck

Flatbed Trucks are perhaps the most widely used work truck in the landscaping business.  You have plenty of room to transport your material and equipment and can take limbs, trees, dirt, and debris away from the job site too.

Landscape Flatbed Trucks come in many shapes and sizes.  They can be [...]


Warmer weather is on the way.  It’s the perfect time to make some extra money by doing odd jobs.  If you have a Flatbed Truck (or want to get one), here are some excellent ways you can use you work vehicle to make a buck or two and set your own schedule and prices too.

Moving Service

Individuals who are moving are often able to load and unload themselves but lack a vehicle to put to haul it in.  Others may have one item, like a table or couch that needs to be moved to storage or to another location. 

Moving companies have been known to charge a pretty penny so if you can beat the “big dogs’” prices, chances are good you can rake up some bucks pretty quickly.  Make sure not to sell yourself short.  Get [...]

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