As Hurricane Ian pushes forward at 155 mph, threatening to make landfall on the Florida coast at any moment, people are preparing for the worst. The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1 through the end of November so more hurricanes and tropical storms may develop in addition to Ian. It’s important to know how to protect your commercial work truck if a storm hits. 

Be Aware. The best defense is a good offense. Keep up with the current weather conditions at all times. Having real-time tracking and analytics is a godsend when a potential deadly storm is on the horizon. Cell signal boosters are available to help ensure your tracking works in fowl weather. 

Positioning. Where you park your vehicle matters immensely. However far you can get from the storm, do so. It’s best to park on the highest ground possible. Avoid parking around things that might pose danger such as [...]

For commercial truck owners, business operators, and fleet managers who rely on commercial work trucks for daily work, safety and maintenance is imperative. Without attention to safe and well-maintained vehicles, job-crucial tasks cannot be performed efficiently and effectively, and important business operations cannot move forward.

Over 4 million workers are killed at work according to the latest statistics. Safety and keeping up with work truck maintenance must be top priority for service businesses. From regular scheduled truck maintenance scheduling to knowledge and adherence to safety regulations, promoting a culture of safe drivers and trucks should always be in the forefront. 

Reasons Safe Driving and Regular Maintenance are Critical

Every driver of every vehicle, whether used for work, transportation, or recreation, should return home safely every single day. Here are some tips to help ensure that happens:

  1. Set a safe atmosphere. When your drivers see that you are focused on safety while [...]

If you own a service business with truck drivers, you know how challenging it can be to find good ones. Especially with the current shortage of drivers, responsible employees and independent contractors are priceless. Here are some terrific tips on how to find the best truck and transport drivers around.

Responsibilities of Truck Drivers  

Depending on what type of service business you operate, chances are that your truck drivers also have other duties to attend to. Some of their job descriptions may include:

  • Keeping delivery schedules
  • Training new drivers
  • Loading and unloading cargo
  • Conducting services such as tree trimming or pest control
Recruiting 101

Even though there may be slim pickin’s when it comes to drivers to choose from, it is still imperative to choose on those who qualify based on the criteria below. If you settle for anything less, you’ll likely find yourself in a big mess.


The film industry employs about 2.5 million people which includes around 93,000 businesses. Over $188 billion is paid annually in wages and it’s not just movie stars who are making the big bucks. Customized trucks of many types supply the industry with everything from high rise bucket lifts to get aerial footage to dressing rooms and portable storage units.

A small fleet of Box Trucks are stored in a tiny town in Southwestern Colorado for their annual use at the Telluride Film Festival. The revenue the once yearly event brings in is well-worth the storage fee according to owner, Rick Jones. If you have a Commercial Work Truck and want to get in on the action, here are some vehicles and what they are being used for. 

Box Trucks

Dressing rooms are in hot demand when films are being shot. There is also a big need for prop and wardrobe storage. Box [...]

Flatbed Trucks are among the most versatile of all vehicles when it comes to moving freight that is particularly heavy or irregular in size. Industrial wares, construction equipment, oil and gas pipes, and more are common freight successfully carried by Flatbed Trucks.

Flatbeds generally measure between 48’ to 53’ in length and span around 8’ 6” wide. Most Flatbed Trailers have decks that are 60” high and have a weight capacity of up to 48,000 pounds. 

Some Interesting Facts about Flatbed Trucks 

Weathering the Storms. Weather is often a factor when transporting freight via a Flatbed because the back bed is not roofed so there is no protection. Tarps are available, however, so the cargo can be covered to keep it dry.

Tons of Variety. There are over 14 different types of Flatbed Trucks. They are all very flexible in their job duties. Regardless of what your requirements are in a Flatbed, [...]

You’ve heard of mobile pet grooming. But did you know there are mobile vet clinics as well? Especially in rural areas where there are large animals, like horses, cows, and llamas, and the nearest vet clinic can be an hour or more away, mobile vet clinics are growing in popularity. 

Vetmobiles are godsends when it comes time to immunize a herd of cattle or to treat a sick horse who is too ill to be moved. They are also lifesavers to small animals who have sustained injuries that don’t allow them to be transported and also, for owners who would like for their animals to be put down in the serenity and security of their own backyard.

When Dr. Mark Z. sold his beloved brick-and-mortar veterinary clinic in Norwood, Colorado, he didn’t want to give up treating animals altogether. That’s why he bought himself a truck and set up a mobile vet [...]

Bucket Trucks are known to be quite versatile, but some of their uses are very unexpected. Check out some of the odd but interesting uses people have found to use Bucket Trucks for.

Christmas Decoration Hanging

When the holidays roll around and it’s time to put Santa up on the chimney and hang lights around the home or office, many have opted not to risk life and limb. They either rent a Bucket Truck and do the mile high decorating themselves or hire someone else to do it. 

Rescuing Kittens 

If your kitten is stranded in a tree, no need to call the fire department. Let them fight fires while you get your own kitten down. And, if a neighbor’s kitten is up a tree or on their roof, why not rent out your services?

Washing Windows

If you live in a two-story house, you know firsthand how difficult it can be [...]

Before you go trashing the waste management industry, it’s important to know that it is more profitable than you may think – topping out over 208 billion dollars per year. “Smart waste management” is quickly becoming even more popular…and profitable.

If you are into waste management and removal, you are well aware of how important the configuration of your cab and chassis is. Cab and chassis builds allow the purchaser to complete the setup of their choice so it is customized to the duty the truck is to perform.

What is a Cab and Chassis?

A Cab Chassis (or Chassis Cab) is a body-on-a-frame type of vehicle design. It is very basic and is built to be customized into a complete vehicle when equipped with a flatbed, dumper, freight box, or other design elements. A Cab Chassis typically has bare frame rails that are positioned behind the cab. 

Uses for Cab and [...]

Construction companies often use a variety of Commercial Work Trucks to get their jobs done. If you run a construction outfit, read on to find out the most common vehicles in the construction industry and how they can optimize your workload.

The Importance of a Fleet

While brand new, smaller construction companies can get by with one or two standard work trucks by occasionally renting vehicles that serve different purposes when they them, once your business is taking off, you’ll want to begin adding on to your fleet. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself misusing the vehicles you have, and you’ll be wasting time and money renting when you could be owning. Excavators, Bucket Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, Bulldozers, Dump Trucks, Pavers, Loaders, Forklifts, Cab and Chassis, and Box Trucks are among the most commonly used vehicles in a construction company’s fleet.

Construction Vehicle Fleet Management

Construction fleet management is the handling of commercial [...]

If you own a truck, you’ve probably been asked to help friends (and even strangers) move or haul this or that. If you’ve got a Flatbed Truck, you are in luck because moving and delivery “favors” can turn into a lucrative business with a few simple steps.

Hot Shot Moving and Delivery Service

One of the best ways to bring in some cash with a Flatbed Truck is odd job moving and delivery side hustle. A Flatbed is quite versatile, so you’ll be able to accommodate a wide range of transports.

What is a Flatbed Truck?

A Flatbed Truck is a commercial work truck that sports a flat truck bed rather than a traditional bed such as a pickup truck has. It has no roof or sides which makes it perfect for hauling irregular and oversized loads. 

Advantages of a Flatbed for Moving and Delivery 

Some of the many benefits of [...]

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