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You may not be set on which you prefer – diesel or gasoline.  But, if you are considering getting a new or used work vehicle, like a Dump Truck, Day Cab, or Boom Lift Truck, you’ll need to know before you go.  It’s best to do your research before you begin looking so you can narrow your search. 

Here are some factors to consider:

The Future Wave

Stricter emissions are coming.  EPA requirements are already in play and won’t be getting any laxer.  There isn’t one fuel source that trumps the other when it comes to being eco-friendly though because where gasoline is best due to the fact that it burns cleaner.  Diesel vehicles tend to last longer so there’s less waste piling up.

Initial Cost

Expect to pay more [...]


If you have a bucket truck, you know it’s what’s in it that matters.  From the size and power of the truck to the exact height it is able to stretch to, the specs of your Bucket Truck and the bucket within greatly determines the scope of work you can do with it. 


What is a Bucket Truck?

A Bucket Truck is basically a Work Truck that has an aerial lift attached.  It is specially designed with a bucket attached which can lift a person up to a work platform.  Because of its unique ability to allow workers to access great heights, this type of truck is quite popular across many industries.

The core of a Bucket Truck is equipped with a hydraulic pole, also called a boom, that operates the bucket which workers [...]

Isuzu is a worldwide leader in diesel trucks.  The Japanese-based company has manufactured thousands of them since they got their start back in 1916.  They perfected the low cab forward in the United States and has been the best-selling manufacturer in the category every single year since 1986. 

Of all the Isuzu Diesel Trucks built in the past 30 years, 83% are still registered and running on American highways today.  That speaks volumes for the company and the trucks.


History of Isuzu Work Trucks

The history of Isuzu been a wild ride.  While the manufacturer stopped producing cars to be sold in the U.S. in early 2009.  But that was far from the end of the American-Isuzu love affair. 

The first Isuzu Commercial Truck graced the Port of Jacksonville, Florida [...]

Flatbed Trucks are very popular because they are so useful in a multitude of industries.  From hauling hay in the agricultural sector to pumping pipe to oil fields across the nation, Flatbed Trucks get the job done.

If you’ve been tossing around the idea of purchasing a new or used Flatbed Truck, you might be on the verge of making one of the best decisions of your life.  There are tons of benefits associated with owning one.  Reasons that make buying a Flatbed a wise choice include:

Easy to Haul:  Flatbed Trucks make hauling a breeze.  Since the beds are open, they are ideal for transporting irregular-sized and extremely heavy loads. 

Convenient Loading and Unloading:  Flatbed Trucks don’t require a dock to load and unload their wares as dry vans do.

Plentiful Delivery Jobs:  If [...]


Spraying Trucks are essential for the agricultural world.  From watering the grounds to distributing pesticides and fertilizers, Spray Trucks are used by modern farmers across the nation to grow their crops and simplify the process of one of the most demanding industries in existence.  In order to optimize its performance, it’s important to know about the different Spray Trucks and their functions so you can choose the right one for your needs.

How Spray Trucks Work

A Spraying Truck is a Work Truck equipped with a device that is used to spray liquids that are contained in the rear of the truck.  They are used across a number of industries such as pest control, landscaping, and agriculture.  When used for agriculture, a Spraying Truck is helpful for many specific applications including spot spraying, misting, perimeter [...]


The second round of COVID-19 induced stimulus checks are on their way to American citizens, by direct deposits, checks, and debit cards.  The $600 payments pale in comparison to the previous $1200 ones sent earlier this year.  A recent YouGov survey revealed that out of the 2,504 United States adults polled, 70 percent felt $600 wasn’t near enough to meet the needs of the public who are still reeling from the negative financial impacts of the pandemic.

So, what’s a person to do with a measly $600?  At MJ Truck Nation, we’ve got a great idea we think you’re going to love.

The on-going pandemic has millions of individuals are re-thinking and re-evaluating their livelihood.  Many who found themselves at the mercy of corporate America were out of work, including truck drivers, restaurant employees, and construction workers among a [...]


This may be the merriest Christmas ever.  ‘Tis the (tax) season for a tax-deductible Work Truck!  For a limited time only, you can give yourself a gift that will keep on giving. Thanks to Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code, you can get that new Commercial Vehicle you’ve been needing for your business AND take the total price of purchase or lease off of your 2020 taxes. 

It sounds to be too good to be true.  But, it’s not!  Section 179 was put into place, available for small businesses (including truck drivers, independent construction company owners, etc.) to promote businesses investing in themselves and to stimulate the economy.  While many are under the impression Section 179 is too complicated to navigate through, nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s actually very simple.


Gift Yourself a Tax Break


The Capitol Christmas Tree recently made headlines when it reached the White House in a Flatbed Truck on November 20 after a cross-country journey from Southwest Colorado. 

While most don’t receive the attention that this noble one was awarded, over 25 million Christmas trees are sold every holiday season, according to the National Christmas Tree Association.  The majority of people don’t think twice about how their tree got from the forest to the lot, but transporting the trees has added an extra jingle to hundreds of Flatbed Truck drivers’ pockets. 

You too can join the festivities and make a little, or a lot, of extra Christmas cash.  All you need is a Flatbed Truck.  Here’s how:

Large Load Hauling

With a full-size Flatbed Truck, you can load the bed with Christmas trees from a [...]


If you have a Box Truck and are fond of four-legged furballs, why not embark on a mobile pet grooming business?  Mobile pet groomers fetch an average of around $45,000 per year which isn’t too shabby.   Plus, you’ll get to rub noses with wonderful creatures, great and small. 

Reasons to Start a Mobile Pet Grooming Business

The past year with all its trials and tribulations has been a good reminder that loving what you do and doing what you love is vital in this day and age.  Furthermore, diversification is important too.  Many who lost their jobs due to the pandemic realized the value of fending for themselves by being self-employed.

The pet industry is one that tends to thrive no matter what the economy is doing.  In fact, during COVID-19, [...]



No matter who you voted for, if you voted at all, the transfer of the presidency will affect you if you drive a truck.  As it presently stands, Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States.  And, if he brings his platform to pass, some changes are most definitely in store.

A group which is headed up by Phillip A. Washington, CEO of L.A. Metro (the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority), is already working behind the scenes to get rolling on the Department Of Transportation (DOT) transition that will give them the green light to work with the Biden-Harris administration. 

Washington has been appointed by President-elect Biden to head the team that works alongside DOT to review the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), and the National [...]

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