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If you are a small or medium-sized business owner who has purchased, financed or leased a commercial truck and placed it into service during the calendar year, then you need to elect to take the Section 179 Deduction to ensure that your business captures the available tax savings (it is not automatic – you must elect to take it).

Fortunately, electing to take the 179 Deduction is very easy:


  • Choose the Exact truck that you would like to Purchase at MJ TruckNation (We can fully customize every option on your truck to your exact needs!)
  • Contact your Certified Accountant and mention the Section 179 IRS Deduction (Your tax preparer may also be able to advise you of additional Section 179 Deduction and Bonus Depreciation savings that may be available to you.)
  • Place your truck into service before December 31st 2018, so that your purchase may be fully deducted from your 2018 Taxes (The [...]
TAX Reforms

President Donald Trump introduced his United States tax reform proposal to a collection of representative members of the trucking industry earlier this week at an event arranged by the American Trucking Associations.  Among the audience was a mixture of truck drivers and fleet managers, both of which were eager to hear how a tax reform would affect the trucking industry.  President Trump claims his tax reform is poised to concurrently simplify the country’s tax structure while ensuring the restructured plan will maximize the amount of money in the pocket’s of taxpaying truckers.

Significant modifications within the tax reform proposed by Trump suggest the support of Congress and execution by the federal government is vital in order to witness substantial benefits for those in the trucking industry.  Listed are a few of the notable propositioned amendments to the country’s tax blueprint:

-Reducing the quantity of tax brackets from eight to four – zero percent, 12 percent, [...]

Recently, Isuzu has witnessed a refinement in the consumer patterns of the medium duty market. According to Brian Tabel, executive director of marketing for Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, consumers have become more selective and calculated with their choice of truck depending on the particular routes of their businesses, a technique known as “right-sizing.”

Previously, Isuzu customers were purchasing the same type of vehicle with minimal consideration of what type of business or route they traveled. Now, with the vast amount of information available to those in the industry, customers and business owners who’s routes do not require a sizeable amount of miles driven are purchasing gas engine vehicles (most popularly, the N-series), while those businesses with lengthier routes are purchasing N-series diesel engine vehicles.

Isuzu Has Witnessed a Refinement in the Consumer Patterns of the Medium Duty Market 2

This selectiveness aids in reducing the cost to [...]

Isuzu has dominated the medium-duty truck market for many years. Their extremely popular Isuzu NPR and Isuzu NPR-HD models have been excellent choices for business operators and are able to be used for many companies in many sectors, including pest control, transport, and landscaping.

Isuzu recently announced their newest inroads into the medium-duty market with their new 2018 Isuzu FTR, poised to be a heavy factor in Class 6. In a recently-posted advertisement, they market many of the things that have kept Isuzu’s other models extremely popular, including driving comfort, durability, and flexibility.

President of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Shaun Skinner, referred to this brand-new truck as a “game changer”.

With a spacious interior, increased cargo space, and the durability to be utilized by a company in any market, the FTR could be the perfect truck to take your business to the next level.

Demand for electric vehicles has reached an inflection point. Tesla’s release of the Model 3 demonstrates the possibility to provide consumers with an aesthetically pleasing, semi-autonomous vehicle complimented with a reasonable pricing structure that allows automakers to target those who value affordability. This transition is not only taking place in the private retail market, but also in the commercial trucking industry, proving that electric trucks can be as practical as everyday sedans.

Daimler Trucks, the parent company of Fuso, will be introducing the eCanter, an all-electric medium duty truck, to the United States in 2017. For those who may suggest the vehicle cannot match up to its diesel counterpart, the electric truck will have the same horsepower and torque as the diesel Canter, along with the same 7,500 pound GVW. The battery-powered vehicle was submitted to a field study in Europe in which 8 prototypes with varying bodies would perform routine services.

The analysis of [...]

Automotive innovation has seen exponential growth that has drastically re-shaped the industry. Electric sedans shattering 0-60 mph records and vehicles slipping into an aircraft-like autopilot on the highway; the scenery surrounding the automotive market is swiftly evolving.

This shift in the automotive ecosystem has sent shockwaves throughout the marketing environment, and those dealerships who do not adjust their advertising strategy will be left in the rear-view mirror of consumers. Unrealistic product portrayals in television commercials and ancient, impotent billboards are defenseless against the digital media advertisements traveling through cyberspace, particularly via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

According to the 2017 State of Automotive Marketing report, the heaviest marketing priority of auto dealerships was conversion (the point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action). The key conversion for automotive dealerships is ultimately the act of converting a customer to a purchaser of a good or service. The advent of [...]

Commercial trucks are massive, powerful machines that are the cornerstone of most businesses that operate today. Although large amounts of people rely on this industry, it seems as if it goes un-noticed in the eye of the public. With a product that is used by many different people, one would assume that marketing these trucks would be any advertiser’s dream. Unfortunately, the trucking industry is lacking innovation and the drive to stay ahead of the game. It is an everyday struggle for the marketers of this industry to produce fresh, original content in a place that reaches the targeted market. With the constantly changing landscape of advertising, and an industry that struggles to keep up with the times, we have set out to flip the script.

The trucking industry needs to adapt to the current advertising landscape, create updated content, and add the younger generation to their target market. By using new technology such as [...]

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