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New Commercial Truck Sales

At MJ TruckNation, we have an expansive inventory of new commercial trucks featuring the current technological advancements and engineering. We have a multitude of options for you to choose from in our on-site inventory or through ordering to your exact specifications. We are pros at balancing your cost of operation and sticking to your budget while figuring in the resale value. We make buying a new commercial truck easy to save you the headaches that all too often come along with such a major move. At MJ TruckNation, we want your next new work vehicle to be the perfect fit for you. Regardless of what type of vocation your business represents, you are sure to find what you need at MJ TruckNation. If you’re unsure which truck is best for your requirements, our knowledgeable sales team members are happy to help you. We love learning all we can about you and your business so we can fully serve you. If financing is something you’d like to check into, we’ve got you covered in that arena too. We make it simple to get into a new work truck and you’ll always get the best deal possible. MJ TruckNation is a full-service dealership for Isuzu, Fuso, and Hino. Take a look at some of the brand new commercial trucks we’ve got:

Box Trucks

We have a good selection of box trucks so you can get your work done with ease. Whether you are in the delivery business or are utilizing a box truck for mobile food delivery or another entrepreneurial endeavor, you’ll find our box trucks are second to none – in quality and in price. Choose between automatic or standard transmission, diesel or gas fuel, and tons of other options like body weight, GVW, and length.

Cab and Chassis

If you’re in the moving and storage industry, you can benefit from having a cab and chassis vehicle. We have new cab and chassis and cutaway chassis. This type of work truck makes it a breeze to convert the chassis so that it can upfit into a service truck, crane configuration, dump truck, and so many more options. When your business serves special needs, a new cab and chassis truck can help you customize it into the perfect service vehicle.

Bucket Trucks

Electricians, lighting technicians, and a slew of other services rely on bucket trucks to reach new heights in business. We have new bucket trucks that can assure you can get to your next job with ease. If you don’t find the bucket truck that suits you in our inventory, we’ll go to whatever lengths necessary to find or build one for you that fits like a glove.

Flatbed Trucks

If your business transports large and irregular sized equipment, you most likely need a flatbed truck. Flatbed trucks help get lumber, steel beams, scaffolding, concrete, bricks, and other materials to the job site. Farmers also use flatbeds to transport hay and various farm equipment. They also help haul materials away from the job. We have new flatbeds that will assist you in growing and maintaining your business such as side dump flatbeds and stake flatbeds too.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are a necessity for a wide array of jobs which makes them very valuable and causes the resale value to hold as well. From trash and refuse to gravel and sand, dump trucks make hauling and dumping convenient. We have an extensive inventory of dump trucks to service your every need like our aluminum dump trucks, chipper dump trucks, and Isuzu Proscape dump trucks. If we don’t have the exact truck with the specifications you are looking for, we’ll make sure you get one, one way or the other.

Spray and Pest Trucks

Spray and pest control trucks require customizing as a rule. Your company may need to have storage space on your truck to haul chemicals while another pest control company may actually fill the tanks at another location and transport them to the job so that they need two tanks rather than one. There are a myriad of scenarios your business may require, but that’s alright…we have a wide selection of spray and pest trucks to choose from.

Experience the MJ TruckNation Difference

We are still there for our customers miles and miles after you’ve proudly pulled off the lot in your brand new commercial truck. We offer full service on all our new vehicles. From warranty issues to maintenance, we’ll make sure your truck stays in tip-top shape.

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