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What is a Cab and Chassis Truck?

If you’re thinking a Cab and Chassis Truck looks a little incomplete, you’re right. It’s supposed to. A Cab and Chassis Truck is actually a base that many types of Commercial Work Trucks can be built from including Flatbeds, Crane, Dump Trucks, Service Body Trucks, and other upfits.
A Cab Chassis looks like a regular pickup truck on the inside of the cab. But, it is very versatile and can be configured for more spacious seating and/or to accommodate most any need.
Cab and Chassis are available in all different sizes and weight capabilities and come with varying features as well like cab-to-axle, rear wheels, and 4-wheel drive. In addition, buyers can choose between gas or diesel version of Cab Chassis and between standard and automatic transmissions too.

Benefits of a Truck with a Cab and Chassis

There are a myriad of services that require such custom upfits, they basically need to be made to order. A Cab and Chassis is perfect for such situations because it provides the bones and the rest of the truck can be built out according to specific instructions.

Cab Chassis are typically easier to maneuver than Semi-Trailer Dump Trucks and Super Dump Trucks which is a godsend when you’re trying get to a hard-to-reach spot in order to perform a job.

Cab and Chassis Trucks have lower torque ratings and lower horsepower than the identical engine in a regular pickup truck would have. Thus, the truck last longer and you get better fuel mileage too. The rear axles are built to take all you can dish out. And, the suspension is tough too.

Having a lower power of engine also places less strain and stress on the drivetrain so it is likely to last longer than a regular vehicle would. Cab and Chassis have sturdier rear and front suspensions to haul more weight and also have strong front axles that can handle towing and other heavy-duty jobs. They are often upfitted with a dump body to enable them to perform services like loading and unloading sand and gravel.

Cab and Chassis versions boast a higher GVWR so they generally have a significantly higher payload capacity so you can get more for your money if your line of work involves loading and unloading. You’ll also be able to carry considerably more weight with a Cab Chassis because they are designed to carry a lot of the weight over the axle in the rear which saves the weight from burdening the bed of the truck.

Types of Trucks

Freightliner and Freightliner M2 are popular trucks that are Cab and Chassis with Detroit and Cummins diesel engines in them. Peterbilt is an American Cab and Chassis commercial vehicle and are symbolic to the USA like Chevrolet, GMC, Silverado, and the Ford f-550 are in the standard pick-up truck realm. Ryder rents trucks which is handy for those who don’t need a commercial vehicle except for on rare occasions.

Cab and Chassis can be found in different fuel types (diesel and gasoline) and come in automatic transmission (Allison) versions and standards too. They come in various horse powers (hp). You can opt for a single or crew cab. Air ride is another option if you want to travel smoothly down the road. Wheelbase (WB) size are partially what sets light, medium, and heavy duty trucks apart.


How to Choose the Best Cab and Chassis Trucks for Sale

The key to finding the best Cab Chassis for your individual needs is to thoroughly examine your requirements and desires in a truck. What are you going to use it for? What features does it need in order for you to properly perform your job? What obstacles or conditions may exist when getting to the job or multiple jobs.

You will also want to consider things such as how far you will travel in the truck and how often. How many stops will it need to make? What size upfit will you need on it and what type? How many people will generally be riding in the cab including the driver? How important is the comfort of the cab?

Fuel Capacity

Since work trucks often require long haul driving or extended hours, Chassis Cab Trucks come optional with larger fuel tanks to accommodate such needs. They can be equipped with tanks that can hold 40 to 50 gallons of fuel whereas regular trucks only hold 25 to 35 gallons so they have to be filled up with fuel more often.

Safety Features

Safety features are important too. Some jobs are more dangerous than others so you will need to access your personal service to determine what, if any, special safety features you may need on your truck. Other features that are available that can’t be found in regular pickup trucks are dual alternators, rubber flooring, snow plow prep packages.


You’ll have your choice of frame rails in trucks. They come is straight and curved. Frame rails are designed different ways on different trucks. While some have curved rails, Cab and Chassis have standard size straight frame rails which enable them to easily be upfitted. The frame rails that come on pickup trucks are curved just behind the cabin which serves the purpose of distributing weight but makes it difficult to upfit the vehicle.

Spring Rate

Cab Chassis have front and rear suspensions that are sturdier than regular trucks have because they have are equipped with industrial-grade leaf springs that are smaller in size and more flexible than regular truck springs are. This special design is put into place assuming the truck will be used for carrying heavy payloads much of the time. The springs make for a more comfortable, smoother ride too.

Cab and Chassis Configurations

There are a number of Cab and Chassis configurations to choose from. The most common on the market are:

Chassis Cab with Service Bodies – This type of configuration suits a wide variety of needs because they are made from lightweight, yet strong, materials and are also resistant to corrosion.

Chassis Cab with Dump Bodies – This configuration makes driving and maneuvering much easier than other options such as Semi-Trailer Dump Trucks and Super Dumps.

Chassis Cab with Crane Upfits — A Cab Chassis with a Crane upfit can be made to accommodate up to 12,000 pounds.


The sky is the limit when it comes to what a Chassis Cab can be used for and who needs one. The many operations that utilize them include:

  • Agriculture
  • Landscaping
  • Waste Management
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Lighting
  • Electrical
  • Forestry
  • Street Sweeping
  • Asphalt
  • Earth-moving Equipment
  • Mobile Home Transporting


You can also outfit and upfit a Cab and Chassis with an aftermarket package to make it even more customized for services such as ambulance features, recreational vehicle conversions, and fire apparatuses.


Chassis Cab Considerations

When trying to decide whether you can or should pursue the purchase of a Cab Chassis Truck, there are important things to take into consideration.

Price is certainly a factor to keep in mind. If you simply can’t afford one, put it on your bucket list and plan for one in the future. But, if you can swing buying a new or used Chassis Cab Truck, by all means…do. You’ll be able to figure the amount of income your investment is capable of bringing in by doing the math.

Beyond that, you will want to access between buying a new Cab and Chassis Truck for sale, or a used model. New vehicles come with manufacturer warranties and should require less work. But, a good used vehicle from a trusted dealer can have a ton of great miles left on it for a fraction of the cost. Again…do the math.

Life-cycle cost is something to roll around as well. Better fuel economy and extended service intervals increase the life of a vehicle as do exhaust brakes that are built to save on wear and tear.

Features that reduce the cost of operating the vehicle are priceless. Diesel-powered chassis are ideal for saving on fuel in many cases such as for trucks that will go long distances on the road. Aerodynamics are also important to consider because there will be less drag on the engine which results in less use of fuel. Doing your homework in order to find what Cab Chassis offer such money-saving features will certainly pay off in the long run.


Comparing Features

It can be a little confusing because one model of truck might provide one feature and another may have a different one. That’s when it’s wise to compare. If you need both or multiple features, keep looking until you find what you want or have a custom one



Pay attention to the powertrain of a Cab Chassis. It plays a bigger role than you may realize. Powertrains determine what weight of a load you can safely and effectively carry and what affect it will have on the wear and tear of your vehicle. Make sure to balance your need in weight capability with the powertrain type and size.


Makes and Models of Cab and Chassis Trucks

There is a myriad of makes and models of Cab and Chassis you can pick from. Hino is one of the best. Hino is built to handle a beating but also offers comfort and style. Isuzu and Fuso are other great manufacturers of Cab and Chassis Trucks. Peterbuilt is another trusted manufacturer.

We’ve Got Your Cab and Chassis Right Here!

At MJ TruckNation, we’ve got new Cab and Chassis Trucks. If you aren’t quite sure what Cab and Chassis Truck you need, no problem. Our helpful and friendly sales team members are happy to help you find the Cab and Chassis that’s the best fit for your individual needs. And, if we don’t have it, we’ll get it or make it for you. That’s the MJ TruckNation guarantee.

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