Truckers Likely to be Offered Early Covid-19 Vaccine


Truck drivers have been on the front line of defense in the COVID-19 crisis and now, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), they very well may be front of the line for the vaccine as well. 

The CDC recently revamped their recommendations for exactly who would be eligible to receive the initial rounds of Coronavirus vaccinations when the time comes that a vaccine is approved.  Since it is possible supplies will be short, essential workers will be top on the list to get them.  Exactly what groups were deemed essential workers has been a matter of controversy.

While truck drivers may not be tending to the individual medical needs of Covid-19 ridden patients, they are the reason the medicine and other supplies are available.  The CDC has made it known that those who keep society functioning while decreasing serious illness and death will earn the classification of “essential workers” for the “pecking order”. 

The updated list of essential workers who will qualify for early vaccinations are:

  • Personnel in the healthcare industry
  • Workers in industries that provide essential and critical services or supplies
  • Those who are at high risk due to underlying medical conditions
  • Individuals who are 65 years and older

Truck drivers fall into the second group because they transport supplies that make essential services, like medical care, possible.  Not only do they haul medicine, hospital supplies, and necessary equipment, they also stock stores with water and food which ultimately keeps people alive.

The purpose of making sure truck drivers are considered in the priority line is because data shows they are at risk for getting Coronavirus and also due to the fact that without their service, the United States would greatly suffer. 

It is believed that early vaccine access will come as early as mid-December.  In the meantime, truckers continue driving, risking their health in order to do so.  That isn’t surprising though.  Truck drivers are known to be heroes, both on the road and off. 

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