Best Isuzu Dump Trucks for sale in Florida

When searching for the best Isuzu Dump Trucks for sale in Florida, you will find that there are many choices. If you search online, you will notice that there are many places to find a Dump Truck. But, you’ll want to do your homework to make sure you get the brand and model that meets all of your needs.

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Isuzu Dump Truck Details and Options

You will have your choice of a gasoline or diesel engine. Cyl diesel is a term used to denote the space that the piston travels in when it propels the combustion energy of the air and fuel mixture. This is an important factor to consider when looking at a diesel engine.

You will also be able to choose if you want a standard transmission or an automatic transmission. Both have their advantages. For maneuvering on extremely rough terrain, a standard transmission is more powerful. An automatic trans is easier to drive though.

The size of a Dump Truck is important. You want to be sure to get one that is not too heavy or too light for the work you’ll be doing. Isuzu Dumps come in Heavy Duty landscape body models as well as in smaller models. The model you choose should be based on the ft landscape area you intend to cover on your jobs. If you require a super-duty body, consider the Eagle aluminum dump body.

Dump Trucks typically have an average GVWR (Gross Volume Weight Rating) of around 26,193 pounds.  The GVW is the amount of total weight the vehicle can safely carry while the Curb Rate (CR) is the weight of the actual truck.

The spring suspensions in Isuzu Dump Trucks are high quality. They help pad the truck body from wear and tear. Spring suspensions also prevent the axle from breaking. Easy to use brake controllers and ultra-efficient hydraulic brakes are other features you will find on Isuzu models.

Whatever special needs you have in your line of work, Isuzu Dumps can provide. If you need a second side door for your workers, there’s the crew cab.  For holding your tools, the backpack tool box is available. Many features come standard and others can be custom ordered.

Dump Trucks are ideal for many uses. A Dump Truck is like a Box Truck that has the capability to tilt and dump. Because they have an open dump bed and high sides, loads can be stacked. If weather conditions are an issue, throwing a tarp over the top of the load generally solves the problem. Automatic tarps or electric tarps are also available.

Isuzu in one of the most popular brands of Dump Trucks on the market.  Isuzu has been around for decades and for good reasons.  They have a lot to offer.  If you are wanting an Isuzu or any other specific brand, be sure to include that in your search.

You will want to look for Dump Trucks in your general area, most likely. Search for “Isuzu dump truck for sale in Florida” if you are around the Florida area.  Otherwise, you can put in your location or look for dealerships that will deliver nationwide, like MJ TruckNation.

When you deal with a nearby dealership, you are able to check them out for local references.  See how long they’ve been in the area and have that verified.  Look for an online presence and third-party, unbiased reviews and customer feedback.  Ask if anyone you know has heard of the dealership.

Doing business online is often where you can get great deals but you’ll need to use a lot of caution.  Follow the guidelines above and also make sure to run the company name in the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints.

Consider your needs when choosing a truck.  With all the different options available you should get everything that you are looking for when you are looking for a good Dump Truck for sale in Florida. These sites will also allow you to search by size so that you can narrow down your search as far as what size Dump Truck you are looking for. If you are looking for a Dump Truck that is large and heavy-duty, then you may want to choose a Dump Truck going to tow a lot of different types of vehicles and can pull trailers. If you are looking for a smaller one then you may find a dump truck that can tow just the trailer that you are using for your business.  Do you need a crew cab or extra space in the back?  Whatever it is you need, don’t settle for less.


Isuzu Dump Trucks

Isuzu Dump Trucks are work horses.  They are built to last, made with quality materials and the mechanics are excellent as well. The Dump Truck body is very resilient. Isuzu places a lot of focus on making their vehicles affordable too.  They also make sure you don’t have to sink money into repairs continuously like with some other brands.

Comfort is never sacrificed when you go with an Isuzu Dump Truck.  The cabs have plenty of space and can be upgraded with luxury interior.  You can even customize with sound systems that really rock.

Isuzu Dump Trucks drive well.  They are also made to easily fit in tight spots.  They are rugged, so they drive over rough terrain without an issue.  Isuzu “gets” their Work Truck customers.  They know what it takes to make a Dump Truck that gets the job done and that’s what they deliver.


Types of Isuzu Dump Trucks

Isuzu makes an entire line of Dump Trucks including Isuzu NPR Dump Trucks and Isuzu NRR Dump Trucks.  They are very similar. The difference is that the Isuzu NRR Dump Truck is a class 5 medium-duty truck, weighing in at 19,500.  It has brakes that are slightly larger and is 5,000 pounds heavier than the NPR model.

Cab and Chassis Dump Truck

Another option you have is to go with a Cab and Chassis Dump Truck. This type of Dump Truck consists of a Cab and Chassis that has a hoist built in to connect to a dump trailer with a hitch or that is able to accommodate a dump body.  The Dump Truck body is custom fitted to the Cab and Chassis.


Perhaps you’ve done the math and would like to go with a Used Dump Truck.  That is a wise decision if you cannot afford a New Dump Truck.  It doesn’t do you any good to go under financially.  You could not only lose your Dump Truck but your entire business too if you get something you can’t afford.

You may have heard about Used Dump Trucks for sale in the newspaper, over the Internet, or even at a truck and trailer yard. If you have ever been to an auction or public sales event before, you probably know it can be a huge pain.  First, it requires getting to the site of the Dump Truck and then waiting in line for hours while other people are also looking at the same truck. You also run the risk of doing business with shady dealers who disappear after you lay your money down.  In addition, you definitely need to have the truck checked by a mechanic if you purchase a Used Truck this way and that means being able to take the truck off the lot or bringing a mechanic along with you.

Buying a Used Dump truck from a trustworthy dealership is much easier.  You generally get a Used Vehicle Warranty to go along with the purchase.  You also have a central spot to return the vehicle to in the event that there is a problem.  It’s a great idea to purchase from an all-inclusive dealership so you can go back for any future repair and maintenance needs.

To begin looking for a truck online, conduct a search for “Used Dump Truck for sale near me” or enter your exact location, like if you live in Florida, enter “Used Dump Truck for sale in Florida.”  If you are set on Isuzu or any other specific brand, enter that in your search too.

Local dealerships should come up.  Once you have investigated them online, it’s time to check them out personally.  The first contact will tell a lot about the company and their ethics.  If you are greeted in a friendly and courteous manner, great.  Otherwise, let it be a huge red flag and don’t proceed with doing business with them.

In the event that you do go so far as to meet with a salesperson, pay close attention to how you are treated.  If you feel any pressure, just leave.  It won’t get any better and you will possibly find yourself buying a New or Used Dump Truck that isn’t right for you.

Dealerships that carry a good selection of Dump Trucks are more likely to make a deal with you because they buy their vehicles in bulk and pass the savings on to their customers.  If a deal sounds too good to be true, however, it probably is.



There are many New Dump Trucks for sale.  Isuzu is a great manufacture but there are others to choose from as well.

Hino is a reliable brand of Dump Truck that’s been around for decades.  Hino began making trucks in the early 1900s and has been perfecting the art ever since.  They are known for getting around 1 million miles for owners who tend to regular maintenance and upkeep.  Hino Dump Trucks are powerful too.

Mitsubishi Fuso is a leading brand of Dump Truck that attracts many drivers because they are built with precision.  Fuso is a worldwide supplier and is a trusted name for offering quality and dependability.  It is headquartered in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan but is currently mostly German owned.


Different Types of Isuzu Dump Trucks in Florida

There are different types of Isuzu Dump Trucks you will find in Florida and across the nation.  The two most common types of Isuzu dump trucks are the Dumpster Dump Truck and the Backhoe.

The Dumpster Dump truck has many of the same features as other standard Dump Trucks.  It has a large drum that holds a load of waste material that is too large for the backhoe. The drums can be opened at any time and the dump truck is ready to be used again if the need arises. The drum can be opened either manually or electronically and comes with a chain attached to the drum. If the chain is not attached, then it can be easily removed by pulling the chain down and the drum will fall straight to the ground.

The Backhoe Dump Truck is another common Isuzu dump truck. It has a front-end loader with a hydraulic lift on the front. The lifting arm provides this lifting power that has a lifting blade in the front of the machine. The arm is connected to the crane that has a crane pole mounted to the top of the lift arm. The crane pole is attached to a jack that is attached to the crane. The crane pole is lifted up when the jack is pulled up and is then lifted up on to the crane pole. Once the crane pole is up, the truck can reach the area that the dump truck is being used.

There are many other different types of Isuzu Dump Trucks that can be found in various colors and styles. The Isuzu Dump Truck is truly versatile. They can be customized to your specifications at dealerships like MJ TruckNation.


MJ TruckNation

If you are looking for a great Dump Truck, be sure to check out the selection MJ TruckNation has.  In famous maker manufacturer names like Isuzu, Hino, and Fuso, you are sure to find the Dump Truck that’s the best fit for your needs.  If not, MJ TruckNation will find you one that does, or custom make you one.

Contact MJ TruckNation today and see what they can do for you.

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