Facts About Flatbed Trucks for Moving Freight

Flatbed Trucks are among the most versatile of all vehicles when it comes to moving freight that is particularly heavy or irregular in size. Industrial wares, construction equipment, oil and gas pipes, and more are common freight successfully carried by Flatbed Trucks.

Flatbeds generally measure between 48’ to 53’ in length and span around 8’ 6” wide. Most Flatbed Trailers have decks that are 60” high and have a weight capacity of up to 48,000 pounds. 

Some Interesting Facts about Flatbed Trucks 

Weathering the Storms. Weather is often a factor when transporting freight via a Flatbed because the back bed is not roofed so there is no protection. Tarps are available, however, so the cargo can be covered to keep it dry.

Tons of Variety. There are over 14 different types of Flatbed Trucks. They are all very flexible in their job duties. Regardless of what your requirements are in a Flatbed, you are sure to find one the is the perfect fit.

Loading and Unloading. Flatbed Trucks allow for ease in loading and unloading. Pull right up to the dock and you don’t even have to worry about any doors or sides on the truck. 

Securing Loads. When using a Flatbed to transport, it’s imperative to secure the load from falling out and from theft. It is so important, there are laws in place that ensure loads are secure. From bungie cords to other types of tie downs and rail sides, there are a large array of ways you can safely secure your cargo. If you carry an extreme oversize load, you’ll need a pilot vehicle to escort you.

Lots of Work. Flatbed Truck transporting is a wide-open field. There are always large and oversize cargo that needs to be carried from place to place. In addition, when the weather is good, there’s typically a huge demand for Flatbed hauling.

Higher Pay Scale. Because Flatbed Trucks can be tricky to maneuver and more skills are required in order to drive one, you’ll be able to charge more for your driving services.

MJ Truck Nation

At MJ Truck Nation, we are here to help you find the Flatbed Truck that’s the perfect fit for you. Our team is helpful and knowledgeable. Buying a Flatbed is a big decision. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

The size of truck you’ll need will greatly depend on what you’ll be transporting with it. From the length of the trailer to the capacity of the engine, we’ll walk you through the process of finding that ideal one for you. 

With on-site financing to an in-house parts and service department, you’ll love doing business with us. We have a wide variety of Flatbed Trucks so stop by and take a look, visit us online, or give us a call at 1-561-840-9800.



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