We Keep You Moving: Isuzu Box Trucks for Moving Companies

Isuzu NPR Crew Cab Box Truck

Moving companies are finding that sometimes, the best moves are made by thinking inside the box – box truck, that is.  When you need a commercial box truck that fits your moving company’s specific needs, MJ TruckNation has you covered.  We have what it takes to keep your moving business moving.

Isuzu is a trusted name known for excellence in the truck industry. They are appreciated for their top-quality and affordability.  The company is a popular global leader.  They supply both commercial and light commercial box trucks.

Our Isuzu box trucks are powerful and durable.  They are able to withstand all you’ll be dishing out.  From pounding over pavement, to constant wear and tear – we sell some of the toughest box trucks on the market.  We also have many types of Isuzu box trucks available that service the multi-needs of moving companies.


Box Truck Types and Features

We know that one box truck does not fit all.  Different companies service different needs, so we carry a myriad of types of box trucks.  We also make sure they all come with a multitude of features to choose from.  Some of the many optional types and features our box trucks offer are:

N-Series – The new Isuzu N-Series pumps out the power.  The trucks have flexible options to accommodate all of your needs.  The hexapod-designed cab makes promotes visibility for a safer ride.  Opt for a standard cab or a crew cab, depending on the space you need.

N-Series box trucks can be retrofitted for use with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).  The versatile chassis makes this the perfect pick for dump, box van body, refrigerated, or landscaping truck purposes.  You can’t beat this option for an all-around great choice.

NPR trucks are excellent for city deliveries and local work. They have a convenient 12,000-pound gross weight.  You won’t find a smoother, more maneuverable ride.

Moving Vans can be found in most every variety your company might need. Diesel, gas, standard cabs, crew cabs, liftgates, and many more options are available.

Isuzu NPR Crew Cab Box Truck


About MJ TruckNation

We know reliability is important to keep you moving.  Not only are our box trucks dependable, our company is too.  We’ve been in business for over 15 years.  During this time, we’ve built quite a reputation for ourselves.  With more than 1000 satisfied customers, we are a trusted name in the truck sales industry.

We offer the most affordable and competitive prices around.  We are committed to meeting your needs, no matter what they are.  Our goal is for you to leave happy – on every level.  Our business ethics are second to none.  If you’re not happy, we are not only not happy, we’re out of business! That’s how important you are to us.

We have financing available too.  We believe our trucks sell themselves and practice a strict “no hassle” sales process.  You’ll love our dedicated sales staff professional service department.

At MJ TruckNation, we put you first and it shows in everything we do.  Come on by and see how we can keep your moving company on the move.


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