When Do I Need a Steel Flatbed Truck?

You may have heard the benefits of having an Aluminum Flatbed Truck – like better fuel efficiency and a lower price tag on the lot. But what you might not realize is that if your work would be better off done with a Steel Flatbed, you may be wasting your money if you get an aluminum bed. 

What is a Steel Flatbed Truck?

Steel Flatbed Trucks are a type of truck that can be rigid or articulated. The body is entirely level and flat with no roof or sides. Flatbeds are ideal for loading and unloading of cargo.

Due to the configuration of Flatbeds, they are typically used to transport heavy, odd-sized loads. To accommodate carrying the loads, they may have steel, aluminum, or wood side railing. 

The heaviest cargo loads require a steel bed on the Flatbed and steel railings too. While Aluminum Flatbed Trucks have been gaining popularity for over a decade, Steel Flatbeds still retain their value when it comes to transporting extremely heavy or irregular-shaped loads. 

Benefits of Steel Flatbed Trucks

When it’s Steel vs. Aluminum Flatbed, there are circumstances that make Steel the clear winner. Some advantages to having a Steel Flatbed Truck include:

Durability: Steel is around four times stronger than the toughest aluminum. Steel is heavier duty and less prone to warp or buckle under even tremendous loads. Steel is not likely to scratch either. While steel does tend to rust, a protective coating is typically applied.

Recyclability: Steel can be recycled which is a huge plus. Aluminum is also recyclable but with more advanced, complicated processing. 

Weight: Steel weighs more than aluminum. Even though that means it will use more fuel, it also means it is better equipped to tackle mammoth-sized jobs. 

Customizable Options: Steel Flatbeds have a lot of potential for being customized to make them the optimal choice for many different types of jobs. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Underbody, backpack, or contractor storage boxes
  • Bulkheads for safety
  • Stake racks, solid sides, or punched sides to secure loose material
  • Removable ladder
  • Cameras and backup sensors
  • Strap winches


If your loads consist of oil and gas industry equipment, aeronautic supplies, heavy pipes, or any other usually heavy cargo, you’ll certainly want to weight out purchasing a Steel Flatbed Truck over an Aluminum Truck.


MJ Truck Nation

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