California Plugs Electric Commercial Vehicles Sales

State Plans to Switch to Zero Emissions As Early As Next Year

The state with one of the most polluted air quality in the nation is taking steps to clean up its act.  The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently announced that a zero-emission mandate will go into effect as early as next year.  If successful, the rule would also require all manufactures within the state to sell Electric Commercial Vehicles as well as hydrogen-powered options by the year 2024.

Electric Commercial Vehicles

The US market share for Electric Commercial Vehicles accounts for less than 1%.  Statistics in the state of California are about the same.  But, that trend may take a turn as CARB also stated that by 2035, over half of Medium-Duty Truck sales and 75% of Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles should be zero-emission.

While the mandate is, at present, confined to the state of California, the rest of the nation may follow suit.   There are only around 200,000 Electric Commercial Vehicles on the road in the United States today, but interest in them is on the rise.  If CARB has its way, that interest will get a legal nudge.

Eight states have indicated they may adopt the same type of regulations.  There are already thirteen states that go by the same strict standards like California’s. 

NESCAUM, the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management, expressed their strong support of Electric Vehicles in the furthering of clean air regulations.  Their focus is reported to be on Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty Commercial Trucks due to the fact they attest that on-road diesel Commercial Vehicles make up for a large source of oxide and nitrogen emissions and is the fastest-growing greenhouse gas-emitting culprit in the world. 

Critics of the regulations making Electric Commercial Vehicles scrutinize the standards, stating that battery sourcing and vehicle manufacturing concerns make the seemingly heroic ideal not a realistically helpful one at all. 

The US International Council on Clean Transportation director, Nic Lutsey stated, “This is certainly a landmark rule.  No government in the world has a direct requirement for electric trucks.”

Of the Commercial Vehicle manufacturers that are being targeted to produce Electric Commercial Vehicles, some top names stand out – like Hino, Toyota, Isuzu, and Nissan. 

CARB explained that its ongoing goal is to foster and promote a self-sustaining zero-emission truck market.  While some California truck drivers are already jumping onboard the plan and are purchasing or planning to purchase an Electric Commercial Vehicle, others are not at all thrilled with the prospect.  Time will tell if a projected surge in Electric Trucks will become reality for the trucking industry both in the Golden State and nationwide. 

MJ TruckNation

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