Top 5 Delicious Food Truck Picks

If you’re thinking about starting a foodie truck business, you’ll be happy to know that it’s one of the most profitable niches in the food industry. Food trucks generate over $2 billion in yearly sales while traditional restaurants lag behind at only 2%. It’s not a wonder that the growth of foodie trucks is at 5.4% versus only 4.3% for stationary restaurants.

Food Truck Cost

While the cost of starting a food truck business does average about $100K, the overhead is considerably less than opening a traditional restaurant. Food trucks do, of course, require the purchase or lease of a vehicle which can run roughly $85K, a drop in the bucket of the price of a commercial building.

Food Truck Vehicles

Back in the day, it wasn’t unusual for tacos to literally be sold out of the trunk of a [...]

Isuzu Spray and Pest Control Trucks

Spray and Pest Control Trucks in Florida
Spray and pest trucks are the most common vehicles used in the pesticide industry. In the past, however, these types of trucks often come with their share of bugs. The biggest obstacle is that pest control vehicles often require customizations that are not always offered in basic spray and pest trucks. That’s where MJ TruckNation comes in.
Sometimes, services have commercial vehicle requirements that don’t fit inside the box - like ambulances, RVs, and fire-fighting vehicles. Cab and chassis set-ups allow for complete customization to occur in order to accommodate all the specific needs.
Whether you are dumping garbage or gravel, if you are in the in the tipping business, you will need a tipping, or dump truck. There are different types of trucks that serve a number of purposes. Before you pick your tipper, here are some helpful tips on doing so:
What kind of businesses need a flatbed truck? A ton of them do! From construction and general manufacturing to transportation and sales, a flatbed truck serves a myriad of purposes. When your load is heavy, oversized, or unusually shaped, this multitasking type of truck is just what you need to keep your business moving.

Let Us Hook You Up: Spray Trucks for Landscaping Companies

Weeding Out the Best Herbicide Spray Trucks for Sale
If you own a lawn care company or have a roadside landscape or tree care service, chances are, you need a customized truck for your spraying equipment.  At MJ TruckNation, we are here to help find the spray truck that perfectly fits your individual requirements. What is a Spray Truck and Who Needs One?
Are you looking for a truck that can get the job done?  Isuzu N-Series gas trucks have a ton to offer.  They are built with a 200,000-mile life in mind and are as tough as trucks get. What’s in it for You
Moving companies are finding that sometimes, the best moves are made by thinking inside the box - box truck, that is.  When you need a commercial box truck that fits your moving company’s specific needs, MJ TruckNation has you covered.  We have what it takes to keep your moving business moving.
Isuzu N-Series diesel trucks are one of the most popular work trucks in existence.  Loaded with all the things you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, these powerful trucks don’t back down. Scope of Services
Meet the ideal medium-duty work truck.  This workhorse was voted Truck of the Year for Medium-Duty trucks in 2018.  Winning head and shoulders over nine other trucks in the competition, the Isuzu F-Series is clearly the perfect choice. Whether you are in need of a box truck, a bucket truck, or something in-between, we’ll get you all set up.
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