Cutting Edge Marketing in the Trucking Industry

Commercial trucks are massive, powerful machines that are the cornerstone of most businesses that operate today. Although large amounts of people rely on this industry, it seems as if it goes un-noticed in the eye of the public. With a product that is used by many different people, one would assume that marketing these trucks would be any advertiser’s dream. Unfortunately, the trucking industry is lacking innovation and the drive to stay ahead of the game. It is an everyday struggle for the marketers of this industry to produce fresh, original content in a place that reaches the targeted market. With the constantly changing landscape of advertising, and an industry that struggles to keep up with the times, we have set out to flip the script.

The trucking industry needs to adapt to the current advertising landscape, create updated content, and add the younger generation to their target market. By using new technology such as DJI Phantom drones, cutting edge cameras, and advertising on new, digital marketing platforms, we are able to produce high quality films that capture the attention of highly targeted individuals. This process ensures that innovative content reaches the right people and stays relevant with younger generations.

MJ Reach understands that the future is in digital marketing, and we want to lead the way for the trucking industry. Drone Technology has added a new dynamic to filming, and social media is quickly moving from a teen fad to the biggest platform in advertising. It is our goal to help this industry take the leap into the future of digital media marketing and add an exciting, innovative feel to commercial trucks.

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