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Flatbed Truck with Tree Bar

Branch Your Landscape Business Out

If you want to take your landscape business to the next level, you’ll need a Landscape Flatbed Truck to accommodate your ambitions.   The more specialized your landscape Truck is, the more efficiently it can serve your needs, and therefore, the broader your scope of landscape work will be able to be.

What is a Landscape Truck with a Tree Bar?

A Landscape Truck is a cab with a flatbed trailer attached.  Landscape Trucks are typically found in Light and Medium-Duty versions.  The size of a truck a landscape company elects to go with generally depends upon the nature of their specific services and the amount of work they do.

The Flatbed Trucks used in a Landscape Truck are equipped with various feature options.  Some have tall stake-bed sides to encase trees, plants, materials, and landscaping tools.  There are Landscape Trucks that also double as Dump Trucks which haul dirt or mulch to and from work sites.  Points are often included on the bed of the trucks which are used to tie down yard tools and other items to prevent them from falling out.

One very valuable feature on a Landscape Truck is a “tree bar”.  This is a device that is made into the bed of the truck to protect the row of trees in a load that is closest to the cab of the truck.  Not only does a tree bar protect the trees, it also helps prevent accidents from occurring that could injure the cab or those within the cab, such as the driver and the work crew.

Another feature a Flatbed Truck with Tree Bar typically comes with is a wire basket of sorts with a tie-down, or “seatbelt” to keep burlap or balled trees from scooting around, possibly damaging the load. 

What to Look for in a Flatbed Truck with Tree Bar

When shopping for a Flatbed Truck with Tree Bar, you’ll want to figure out how many items you generally carry on your trailer at one time.  Estimate the weight as well.  Opting for the smallest size you can get by will save you money on the initial cost of the truck since Light Work Trucks are less expensive than Medium-Duty Work Trucks.  But, if your truck is too small, you’ll either have to make more trips or overload your truck which is not good things to do.

The MJ TruckNation Guarantee

Once you have determined the size of Flatbed Truck that is best for your purposes, come on in and see us at MJ TruckNation.  We’ll help you find the ideal Flatbed Truck with Tree Bar for your individual needs, like the powerful Hino 268 on our lot.  If we don’t have it, we’ll either make one or order one for you.  That’s the MJ Nation guarantee.

With financing on-site, there’s no grass growing under our feet.  We will get right to work doing whatever it takes to put you behind the wheel.  You can be sure we’ll get you a rock bottom price with payments you can afford.  Call us today – (561) 220-9992.

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