Isuzu Has Witnessed a Refinement in the Consumer Patterns of the Medium Duty Market

Recently, Isuzu has witnessed a refinement in the consumer patterns of the medium duty market. According to Brian Tabel, executive director of marketing for Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, consumers have become more selective and calculated with their choice of truck depending on the particular routes of their businesses, a technique known as “right-sizing.”

Previously, Isuzu customers were purchasing the same type of vehicle with minimal consideration of what type of business or route they traveled. Now, with the vast amount of information available to those in the industry, customers and business owners who’s routes do not require a sizeable amount of miles driven are purchasing gas engine vehicles (most popularly, the N-series), while those businesses with lengthier routes are purchasing N-series diesel engine vehicles.

This selectiveness aids in reducing the cost to the consumer.  Companies with shorter routes are choosing gasoline because the lower cost of the fuel outweighs the benefit of a higher fuel economy.  Conversely, owners of diesel-powered vehicles are traveling a further amount of miles on their routes; choosing diesel over gasoline maximizes the fuel economy of those businesses with lengthier journeys.  Diesel engines typically deliver approximately 25%-30% better fuel economy in comparison to gasoline.  Although diesel fuel is more costly, the price would have to increase at least 25%-30% to eradicate the cost advantage of a higher fuel economy.  Reduction in costs to consumers and increases in efficiency are vital elements that propel Isuzu to continue its remarkable run as the premier medium duty commercial product in the country.


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