Picking the Right Commerical Work Truck to Make Your Floral Business Bloom

Picking the Right Commerical Work Truck to Make Your Floral Business Bloom

When your business entails pedaling the petals, there are a number of considerations you will want to factor in when purchasing a vehicle for you floral delivery service.

Dig In to Details

Before you can determine the best floral delivery truck for your business, it’s best to access- figure in all the details, large and small.  Leave no stone unturned when it comes to analyzing your wants and needs.  Even the smallest of details can make a huge difference when it comes to a delivery vehicle for your floral service.  Do it right the first time.

What size floral deliver service you do have?  If you’re a small company in a rural community of 1,000, you can get by with a smaller truck than a company that delivers hundreds of flowers a day in the big city.

Do you have a dedicated shop?  Or, will your truck double as a shop?  What kind of cargo space do you need?  Sometimes even small florists need a lot of room because they have little or no brick-and-mortar presence.  If you have a mobile-only floral shop, chances are you’ll need a larger cargo space than a company that houses their supplies in another location.

Where will your floral truck go?  Not only do florist trucks deliver flowers, they may also take flowers to trade shows and flea markets.  You’ll want to determine how many miles you’ll be putting on your vehicle.  If you are going to be using it a lot of covering very much distance, you’ll need a fuel efficient model.

What is the theme of your floral business?  Some flower delivery services are known for being luxurious, romantic or fun while some have a vintage or retro edge.  If you can match your vehicle up with the tone you are setting in your business, you’re likely to go far.

You can paint almost any truck and even have your logo painted on.  Even the manliest truck is a bit softer when it’s rose colored.  An older, antique-looking vehicle adds an awesome affect for a vintage appeal.  The more you think outside the box, the better.

If you are building your bouquet curb site, like on the side of the road, in a shopping center, or at a flea market, you can make most any truck work by using a metal structure and canvas canopy.  Add some wooden shelving in the bed and paint a logo on the side.

Some trucks, especially those that are only used to transport, just basically need wheels and room for flowers.  It’s still a good idea to have a refrigeration system installed or room for a giant ice chest at least.


Your Pick: Best Floral Delivery Trucks

Floral arrangement delivery requires dashing in and out of many places.  You’ll want to pick a truck that gets good gas mileage.  You’ll also want to find one that is highly maneuverable to roll in and out of most anywhere duty may call.

After you do some reflection and research, make a list of the features you must have in a truck and those you’d like to have.  Then you’ll know what you have to work from and you can begin looking around at truck lots, online, and wherever else you want to scout.

Some of the best commercial trucks for floral delivery are:


Upfitted Truck or Van

New or used trucks or vans are stellar for floral delivery and all sorts of flower and plant sales.  You can have them upfitted quite easily with factory or after-factory additions.  You can choose a small mini-van or opt for a full-size truck and still get it completely customized with upfittings, depending on your wants and needs.

Box Truck

A box truck is an excellent choice if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar floral shop because you can fit your makeshift shop inside the roomy inside of the truck.

Small or Medium Truck

If you have a floral shop and are simply delivering the goods, a small or medium truck may be your saving grace because they are typically really great on gas mileage.  They are also easy to maneuver in and out of tight spots you may encounter when delivering.  In the event you do take your show on the road, like to a flea market, you’ll have plenty of room to do that too.

Features to Consider

No matter which type of vehicle you go with, here are the main things you may need in your floral delivery truck:

Efficiency:  Of course you’ll need ample space to do whatever it is you’ll be doing in your floral delivery truck.  You’ll want to have plenty of room for all the flowers you may need to deliver, such as bulk wedding orders.  You will also need to make sure you can get to where you are delivering your flowers in a timely manner.  Smaller vehicles are easier to drive, zoom around traffic stalls, and are simpler to find parking spots for.  You want your vehicle to be small enough to conserve fuel too.  But, if your truck is so small you have to make two trips, all is in vain.  Finding the perfect mix will help your business succeed and flourish.

Refrigeration:  The need for some form of refrigeration is pretty much a given in the floral industry.  Any amount of heat, even from a heater in the dead of winter, can cause an entire load of flowers to droop in a heartbeat.  What type of refrigeration will your business require?  Commercial vans and trucks can house the refrigerator equipment you need while a small truck might be better if you just use a portable ice chest or similar cooling device.

Space:  You will need to figure in all the space you need to get your job done.  Perhaps you just deliver flowers and never take your wares to flea markets or trade shows.  But…you also deliver helium balloon bouquets.  Or, you may have a business that actually arranges the flowers for awaiting customers and need room to store the flowers, pots, vases, and all else that’s required.  It’s worth taking the time to thoroughly think your business needs through so you can end up with the perfect floral delivery truck for your personal requirements.

Graphics:  Ahhh, the icing on the cake.  Or, in this case, the dew on the petals.  Consider the graphics you’d like to see on your floral delivery truck or van.  If you want a huge scene, a van or box truck may be your best bet while a smaller logo or picture might fit well on a smaller truck.

Thinking ahead and going over all the steps you take in your service will help ensure you pick the vehicle that is the ultimate one for the job at hand.  You certainly don’t want to look back in hindsight and discover you left out some important details when choosing a commercial vehicle for your floral service.

If you don’t know exactly what you need or want, at MJ TruckNation, we are happy to offer our expertise.  We are pros at putting you in the perfect truck.  That’s what we do.


Cultivating Your Business

When just starting a business, sometimes your budget isn’t up for debate.  You may find yourself on a very limited budget.  You may desperately want a brand new vehicle for your floral business, but it may be out of the question.  In that case, you can always go with a used truck for now and build out.

It takes a minute for a seed to become a beautiful flower.  It takes a while before your floral business will become all that you hope for it to be too.  By planning ahead, you’ll be able to make wise decisions.  If you plan to get a used commercial vehicle now but want a new one in the future, be sure to purchase one that holds its value so you can trade it in or resale it later on.  At MJ TruckNation, we have lots of used vehicles that are excellent for using now and will certainly hold their value when you decide to resell them too.


The Sweet Smell of Success: Watch Your Business Blossom

There are dozens of things to think about when you are starting your floral business.  With the tips above, choosing a floral delivery vehicle should be much easier and soon, with a little luck, your endeavor will be coming up roses.

Growing your floral delivery business is made easier when you have the right commercial work truck on your side.  At MJ TruckNation, we are happy to help you find the ideal floral delivery truck or van that is a perfect fit for all your needs. Leave your competition in the dust.  Find the perfect floral delivery truck at MJ TruckNation today

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