Unity in Motion: Truckers Supporting Truckers

Truckers Share One Another’s Load in Tough Times

Headlines were made recently as Americans across the nation hailed the trucking industry as frontline heroes in the fight against COVID-19.  Those who risked their lives to deliver essential goods to hospitals, grocery stores, and other vital places were the recipients of much deserved praise.  But what isn’t always reported is how truckers honor and support each other when the going gets tough.

Jon’s Story

Jon Kuckuck was just another hardworking trucker from “Anywhere USA”.  He drove his rig across the nation to support himself and his wife, Tami.  But that all changed with a trip to the doctor.  Jon had brain cancer and his entire world came to a screeching halt.

Jon’s fellow truckers wanted to make a difference.  And that, they did!  They assembled in Jon’s hometown of South Whitley, Indiana with every type of vehicle imaginable – semi-trucks, classic cars, and motorcycles paraded down the street in his honor as John sat outside his home in a wheelchair and watched with his wife.  

Over 40 vehicles took place in the event. There is no doubt that both Jon and Tami felt the love.  The show of respect was just the first part of the organized effort to support Jon though.  Truckers across the nation began a fund for Jon’s wife, Tami. 

“I think really the biggest thing is just how important friends and community are,” Tami shared.  “We have an amazing group of friends and an amazing community that has been our legs though this whole journey.”

Before Jon’s diagnosis, he was in the Hay Farm business.  While his prognosis is not a good one and he is reportedly nearing the end of his battle, Jon is surrounded by many who are in it with him for the long haul. 

Another John’s Story

When veteran driver John Shrock was forced to retired due to cancer in 2018, his son, Jim, had an unusual request.  He wanted to give his father a heartfelt Christmas present, so he asked John’s former truck drivers to drive by his father’s house on December 23.  Of course, they did.

The Tight Circle of Truckers

Truckers have helped truckers for as long as the industry has been in existence.  They have always had a reputation of assisting each other on and off the road.  They are notorious for extending kindness to those outside their circle too, like hosting annual toy drives at Christmas time. 

Tow Trucks for Tots is one such organization that brings toys and smiles to kids during the holidays.  Headquartered in Rockdale, Illinois this charity is well-known for its generosity and its truck-filled parades. 

Truckers 4 Life is a Semi-Truck toy run, founded by Milton Bradley, Jr.  The annual holiday gift collection takes place in Wai’anae Boat Harbor in Hawaii.

Truckers Christmas Group is an organization that was founded for truckers to help fellow truckers and their families during the holidays.  

There’s a sense of comradery within the trucking industry that’s like none other.  Truckers lookout for truckers…that’s just how they roll.

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