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What’s in Your Dump Truck?

Are you looking for a Dump Truck?  What you’ll be dumping is the main factor to consider when choosing a new or used Dump Truck.  The manufacture, year model, and other details won’t matter much if you don’t choose according to your load size and type.  It’s imperative to buy not just the perfect truck but the perfect truck for you. 

For instance, you may have your eye on a sweet deal on a Dumper, but if it’s larger than you need, you’ll be using excess fuel and power.  But, if it’s too small for your loads, you will have wasted your money altogether.

Vital Specs for Choosing a Dump Truck

Don’t be stuck out with a Dumper that is over or under-qualified for the work you’ll be using it for.  Consider these five things before you commit to a Dump Truck:

Size Matters

The size of truck and the size of the dumper is imperative to take into consideration before even seriously looking at Dump Trucks.  If you aren’t sure, work with a full-service Commercial Truck Dealership that is happy to help you out.  

Maximum Weight with Load

While the maximum hauling weight of a Dump Truck is important to factor in, total weight is even more imperative to consider.  State laws vary widely in the allowable Dump Truck weight.  Regulation and other issues (like lift axles) are determining points too.  It is crucial to know the maximum weight laws in your state and any states you may be traveling through so you buy a truck that doesn’t limit you.

Suspension Rating

The suspension rating of a Dump Truck is vital to think about.  Will you be driving off-road or on-road most of the time?  A lighter suspension is more practical and economical on the highway but will it hold up to your requirements when you’re at the gravel pit or dump site?  Determine the jobs your Dumper will be doing and make wise choices accordingly.

Capacity of Chassis Impact

Many Dump Truck owners never take maximum impact force into consideration and end up paying the price for the oversight.  You don’t want to just go by the maximum impact force the truck can handle, but what it can hold up to without damage.  You want to put a little stress on the frame of the vehicle as possible. When pouring a load of sand, rocks, or gravel in, how much impact will your truck take?  How much impact can it properly handle over a period of time?  While sand may be heavy, the impact it has isn’t near as great as a load of stones.  Your truck could be well under its capacity if you only deal with sand but it may be over-stressed if you most work with large stones. 


How much horsepower do you really need?  Thinking you need as much as you can get is a misconception.  You’ll drive your fuel cost up sky high if you go in with that mentality and will probably pay more for your Dump Truck than you need to.  Then again, if you don’t have enough horsepower to handle your workload, you’ll be in trouble too.  Do the math and determine the best horsepower for your individual needs.

MJ TruckNation

If you’ve got questions, that’s great because we have answers.  At MJ TruckNation, we are a full-service dealership that thrives on assisting our customers in whatever way possible.  We’ve got a wide inventory of new and used Dump Trucks in famous names like Isuzu, Fuso, and Hino.  We’ll help you get up and rolling in the work truck that’s the best fit for you and the type of work you’ll be doing.  We have on-site financing too so we can work miracles.  Give us a call today and see what MJ TruckNation can do for you.  Call (561) 220-9992.


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