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Dump Trucks: Tips on Tippers

Whether you are dumping garbage or gravel, if you are in the in the tipping business, you will need a tipping, or dump truck. There are different types of trucks that serve a number of purposes. Before you pick your tipper, here are some helpful tips on doing so:

What is a Dump Truck?

A dump truck is also known as a dumper truck or, a tip or tipper truck. It is used to dump materials – like gravel, sand, waste, construction scraps, and coal. Choosing the right dump truck will help you tend to your work load more efficiently so you can focus on other things…like making a profit.

Types of Trucks

The type of dump truck you’ll need is usually determined by these factors:

  • What you are dumping
  • Where you are loading
  • Where you are depositing
  • The weight of your load
  • The nature of your load

Standard Dump Truck

A typical dump truck consists of a dump body that is mounted on a truck chassis. The truck has an open-box bed that is hinged at the rear. The wheel base of a standard tip truck makes it easier to maneuver than larger models.

Generally, the trucks are equipped with hydraulic rams that lift the front of the bed, causing the material to be easily dumped to the ground at the delivery site. Vertical rams are mounted under the body’s front side. Horizontal hydraulic rams and lever arrangements are housed between frame rails.
The back of the bed is hinged at the rear of the truck. The tailgate has the potential to swing up on its top hinges. It can also be configured to fold down on many models. A “high lift tailgate” is also an option where the gates lifts and opens above the body of the dump truck.

Standard trucks usually have a single front steering axle and two rear axles. Dual wheels on either side are common. Most tandem axles in the rear are powered as are front axles. Axles without power are available to support additional weight. Most of them have the capacity to be raised up off the ground in order to minimize wear and tear on the truck when it is only lightly loaded or empty. The feature is referred to as “lift axles”.

Semi-end Dump Truck

A semi-end dump truck is basically a combination tractor-trailer. The trailer houses the hydraulic hoist. The models usually have three axles on the tractor that pulls a trailer with two axles and dual tires. This type of dump truck is great for large loads. On the downside, it can become unstable when in the elevated dumping position so its use has limitations.

Transfer Dump Truck,

A transfer dump truck is made up of a standard dump truck that pulls a separate trailer. The trailer has a cargo container that is removable. The trailer can be loaded with materials like gravel, asphalt, snow, construction trash, wood chips, etc.
The second container that’s on the trailer is electrically powered by either a hydraulic line or a pneumatic motor. The trailer rolls on little wheels and rides on trailer frame rails into the main dump container.

This type of dump truck is able to deal with a heavy payload. It is still able to be efficiently maneuvered though, unlike most semi-end trucks. Transfer dump trucks are built to haul up to 27 short tons. It is not unheard of the three to five heavy loads per day to be moved in this kind of truck.

Other Dump Truck Types

There are many other types of dump trucks – one to meet most any need a business has. Truck and pup trucks are like transfer dump trucks except they pull a dump trailer. But, unlike transfer trucks, they have their own hydraulic ram that is able to unload all by itself.

Superdump trucks is a standard dump truck that is equipped with an axle that is load-bearing. It is liftable too. They can carry as much as 26 short tons. The exceptional weight they can accommodate maximizes the amount of revenue they pull in.

Semi-trailer bottom dump trucks (belly dumps) are 3-axle tractors that pull 2-axle trailers. They have dump gates that are clam-shaped. There are various configurations available in semi-trailer dump trucks.

Winter servicing dump trucks are popular in geographic areas where snow is common. Side dump trucks make it possible to dump and load through the side of the vehicle. Double and triple trailer bottom dump trucks let drivers place material in windows without ever having to exit the cab or even coming to a stop.

Relax and Take a Load Off

There are so many types, makes, and models of dump trucks, it can be overwhelming. That’s when it’s nice to turn to a name you can trust. At MJ TruckNation, we will help you figure out what kind of truck your business requires. Then, we’ll get you in one. We won’t stop until we fill your every need. Contact us today and let us get you moving in the right direction.

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