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Let Us Hook You Up: Spray Trucks for Landscaping Companies

Isuzu NPR-HD Spray Truck

If you own a lawn care company or have a roadside landscape or tree care service, chances are, you need a customized truck for your spraying equipment.  At MJ Truck Nation, we are here to help find the spray truck that perfectly fits your individual requirements.


What is a Spray Truck and Who Needs One?

Spray trucks are used for transporting and applying herbicides, liquid fertilizers, and other bulk chemicals.  They are sometimes used to distribute water too.  The liquids are housed in tanks that are in the back of the truck.  Sprayers are help cover large areas and are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate special needs.

The typical types of trucks used for spraying are those with truck beds and boom trucks.  It’s imperative that the truck be able to carry the weight of the liquids.  It’s also important that it has enough power and maneuverability to get the job done.

Spray trucks are used for services that provide such things as fertilizer applications, weed control, tree and lawn care, roadside weed control and ground care, and more.

Let Us Hook You Up: Spray Trucks for Landscaping Companies 1  


Determining the Features the Fit Your Needs

What specific service does your business provides?  That’s always a good starting place when figuring out what type of truck you’ll need and the features that you’ll want to go along with it.

Do you need a traditional spray truck or one for construction purposes too?  How far up do you need to be able to access?  What kind of ground do you need to cover and how far do you need a hose to reach? Do you need pallet storage?  All of these things factor into your unique 9requirements.


What We’ve Got

 At MJ Truck Nation, we offer a number of spray trucks.  Many of our most popular spray trucks are made by Isuzu, a trusted leader in the trucking industry.  The NPR-HD is a favorite due to the fact it is gas-powered, automatic, top-quality, and affordable.  Take our 2019 model NPR-HD for instance.  The automatic, gas-powered, 14,500 GVW truck costs less than $800 per month.


Customizing Your Order

If you don’t find a ready-to-roll truck that fits your needs, we’ll build you one.  We specialize in custom building spray trucks to meet any specifications you may have.

Whether you want a standard, automatic, gasoline, diesel, standard cab, crew cab, small truck, or large, we will take care of you.  If we don’t have it, we’ll get it if at all possible.


Why Us?

Especially when it comes to a challenging and potentially dangerous task like transporting a distributing chemicals, having a vehicle you can depend on is a must.  Trusting your dealer is the first step in making sure you get a great spray truck.

Our prices are extremely competitive.  We also have financing available.  You’ll not find a more courteous and helpful sales and service team than ours.

We’ve been in business for over 15 years and have earned an excellent reputation in the truck sales industry.  When excellence matters, you can count on us.


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