MJ Martin Launches Video on Navigating the Pandemic Storm



It’s no secret – 2020 was a challenging year for all.  For many businesses, it was “sink or swim”.  In a recently posted YouTube video, Florida-based MJ TruckNation president, MJ Martin, candidly talked about the tribulations and triumphs the year presented the truck dealership and, perhaps most importantly, revealed hopeful plans for going forward into 2021.

Winners tend to have one thing in common when it comes to adversity – instead of a stumbling block, they use obstacles as stepping stones.  Such has been the case at MJ TruckNation with Martin at the helm.

Going into the chaos of the uncharted waters of the COVID-19 pandemic, Martin closed up shop, locking the doors for the safety of his employees, customers, and of course, himself.  Strict measures were put into place which would eventually lead to the reopening of the dealership under extremely cautious guidelines.

While the business was allowed to continue within the realms of heavily monitored safety protocols, Martin knew it was time to dive in with some fresh ideas or to drown.  Martin chose to step up to the challenges the virus presented.  He implemented more extensive business transactions that could be completed online such as ordering parts, setting up service appointments, and even purchasing trucks. 

The MJ TruckNation website was updated with a more user-friendly interface being activated so customers could not only conduct business on a digital platform, they could do so with ease.  After all, to Martin, it’s all about the customer – providing them a safe and pleasant experience whether that takes place in person or online. 

“We try to deliver trucks to their location when they buy them,” Martin explained.  “We disinfect and certify the trucks with a certificate so they feel safe.”

In addition to making it possible to do more online business, Martin took to heart the lurking dangers of the virus.  He hired professionals to clean the premises of the office and other sites where face-to-face business is conducted and also to thoroughly disinfect the trucks.  Furthermore, personal encounters include COVID-19 precautions of social distancing and the wearing of masks.

“We go outside on the lot to help our customers – to keep them safe and keep our employees safe,” Martin stated. 

In the video, Martin expressed the utmost concern for those who were personally impacted by COVID-19, like those who were victims of the virus or had loved ones who were.  He was also sympathetic to business owners and employees who didn’t fare well during the tough times. 

He was also quick to count his blessings for being in an industry that was designated as an “essential business” since he supplies trucks to drivers who deliver such goods as groceries, water, and medical supplies across the nation.  He praised the issuing of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) checks and assistance made possible by Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis.

Be sure to check out MJ Martin’s YouTube video “2020 Recap – Challenges and Changes with COVID” to find out how he and others within the company have navigated through the storm in order to safely service their customers and how they will stay the course as long as necessary.  And, if you’re looking for a great commercial truck, be sure to give the folks at MJ TruckNation where you will always be the most highly regarded essential – (561) 220-9992.

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