Bunny in a Box (Truck):  Mobile Easter Party

People are wild about Easter and it’s hopping right up.  Why not deck your Box Truck up and do something out of the box, literally? If you don’t have a Box Truck, there’s still time to spring into action and get one.

The latest craze in events is for the party to come to you.  Magnetic vehicle signs make it possible (and practical) to own a multitasking Box Truck that accommodates everything from baby showers and kid’s parties to holiday celebrations…like Easter!

Party Ideas

The first thing you’ll want to do it to decide what type of Easter party service you’re going to deliver.  Of course, you can combine several of offer all. 

Festivity ideas include:

Easter Egg Hunts

Get there early or send a hired hand.  Hide the eggs then let the festivities begin.

Easter Bunny

You (or a delegate) dawn and Easter Bunny suit and make the rounds, shaking hands and of course, your cotton tail.

Easter Egg Dying

Easter just isn’t Easter until the eggs are dyed.  Set up tables outdoors (or inside if your customers prefers).  And let the fun begin. 


If you’re a party animal, you know that kids love games.  Pin the Tail on the Bunny is a great one.  You can get a slew of online game and ice breaker instructions that require nothing but kids and maybe a balloon, ball, or…egg or two.


Depending on your agreement, refreshments can be provided by you or your customer.  Carrots and a veggie tray, a rabbit themed cake, drinks, and chocolate bunnies are all fabulous ideas.


You can use your imagination to get creative on a twist your service offers that no one else in your area has.  Whether it’s adding a bubble machine to the mix or having the coolest bunny or the funnest games, be sure you stand out.


Fifteen Step Business Plan

  1. Get your game plan and a name for your business.
  2. Purchase a Box Truck.
  3. Form a legal entity.
  4. Register your business for taxes.
  5. Open a business bank account and get a credit card. 
  6. Set up accounting for your business.
  7. Get licenses and permits necessary in your area.
  8. Get business insurance.
  9. Discover and define your brand.
  10.  Order signs for your Box Truck.
  11. Create a website.
  12.  Set up your business phone.
  13.  Get business cards, flyers, etc. and pass them out.
  14.  Plan and purchase all supplies needed for your parties.
  15.  Get the party started. 


Savvy Suggestion

When you use a non-permanent sign on your truck for advertising, you can switch it with the seasons and holidays and have your basic banner on in between.  If parties are slow, you can use your Box Truck for a moving service or one of the many other jobs it is equipped to fulfill. 


MJ TruckNation

Be sure to check out MJ TruckNation for some of the best deals in the nation.  We have Box Trucks of all makes, models, and sizes that are perfect for your Easter Eggstravaganza Party Truck.  If you’re not sure what specs are the best fit for you and your endeavor, we’ll help you figure it all out.  Give us a call today and let’s get hopping on the shopping – 561-840-9800.

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