Cool Benefits of Reefer Trucks Over Cooling Vans

A Reefer Truck, also called a Refrigerated Truck, is a box-type truck designed to transport perishable goods that need to stay cold or frozen.  This kind of truck differs from Cooling Vans that are simply vented and insulated.  They allow for the hauling of both frozen and refrigerated freight because the temperature can be adjusted – even with the capability to heat goods as well.

What Are Reefer Trucks Used For?

Reefer Trucks are used in many industries including food transportation, floral delivery, medical and pharmaceutical supply transporting, and even food truck servicing.  They are becoming more popular than ever.

Efficient Solutions in Cold Chain

Reefer Trucks are built to offer viable solutions in the transportation of perishables and, unlike a Cooling Van, allows you to control the temperature in a multitude of ways such as using a extremely cold air in one section while heating a different section.

Versatility is another area Refrigerated Trucks shine in.  They are able to deliver multiple products such as non-refrigerated and refrigerated, refrigerated and heated, and almost any other combination.  They can be manually controlled in all the different sections and the sections can be customized such as a small area for heated goods and a large area for refrigerated items or practically any other scenario.

Reefer Trucks with electric standby are superior to Cooling Vans because the integrated unit saves fuel cost and ensures the temperature is exactly as it is supposed to be which can ultimately save thousands of dollars considering the cost if goods are not kept at the correct temperature.

Another big plus is that Reefer Trucks are able to travel long distances while maintaining climate control, unlike most Cooling Vans.

Best Reefer Trucks

Refrigerated Trucks come in all makes and models.  Some are better and more efficient than others.  Which is the best largely depends upon your needs and wants.  Do you need a super-trough truck?  Or, is being efficient on fuel the most important feature to you?  Maybe you would like a new Reefer Truck or perhaps your budget is more aligned with a used one.  Whatever your individual preferences are, there is sure to be a Refrigerated Truck that is just the right fit for you.

MJ TruckNation

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