Meet the Anglo American e-Dumper, the World’s Largest Electric Dump Truck



Going electric is the latest trend in vehicle technology.  As it stands, the vehicle earning the prestigious title of being the world’s biggest electric vehicle is a whopping 45-ton mining dump truck endearingly dubbed the “eDumper”. 

Formally named the Anglo American Komatsu.  This big boy may have to step aside though.  There’s a new, even bigger, electric beast truck in town.  And…it’s a Dump Truck too but it weighs in at 580,000 pounds (20 tons).

Electric vehicles aren’t the only concept trending.  Focus is being placed on sustainability and other eco-friendly features.  The eDumper is powered by a reserve of hydrogen for fuel as well as electricity.  It is designed for use in the mining industry, a field that is currently filled with controversy with many believing it is guilty of destroying the earth and the atmosphere.  The fueled cell electric vehicle’s purpose is to make mining as green as possible. 

Tests will begin at the Mogalakwena platinum group, a metals mining operation site in South Africa.  The runs will start later in the year.  Not only is a ton of money invested in the endeavor, but heaps of hope are also involved.  The loss of mining jobs would be an economical disaster while the continuation of it as it stands would be an ecological one.  For these reasons, the trial is turning heads and raising eyebrows.

With the goal of 2030 in mind as a date when global greenhouse gas emissions are projected to be eliminated or at least reduced by 30%, the project is right on schedule.  If all goes as expected, there will be plenty more electric Dump Trucks and other Commercial Vehicles alike. 

The concept is to replace vehicle diesel engines with high-powered modular lithium-ion batteries.  It is projected that electric Dump Trucks and various Commercial Trucks will become the norm in the near future.

If you’re not quite ready to get your hands on an electric Dump Truck, you can still do your part to clean up the environment.  A newer used Dump Truck or a new Dump Truck runs much cleaner than older models as manufacturers are steadily implementing ways to make them more eco-friendly.

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