Natural Gas: Will it Fuel Our Trucks Soon?

The U.S. goal is to reach at least 50% greenhouse gas emissions cut by 2030. Is natural gas. Natural gas is a cleaner alternative. Furthermore, with gasoline and diesel fuel both reaching record highs, most agree that something must be done. While electric vehicles are already on the market, there are still issues with them. Could the next big fuel be natural gas? Some of the experts are saying, “Yes!”

There are around 200,000 vehicles in the US. Many are commercial work trucks that owners depend on for their bread and butter. When fuel prices are sky high (as they are now), it’s hard to make a living.

Natural Gas as an Alternative Fuel?

While it might seem odd to think of natural gas as an alternative fuel, any fuel that isn’t gas or diesel that powers a vehicle is considered alternative fuel. EV, E85, biodiesel, and hydrogen are all examples of alternative fuel and now…natural gas may be as well.

To date, no alternative fuel fits the bill the way gasoline and diesel do. But, with the Russian fuel crisis and other problems at the pump, desperation may lead to new developments.

One of the problems with natural gas is that it isn’t exactly environmentally friendly. Neither is E15 (dirty gas) which has a higher ethanol content that Biden is allowing to be used temporarily. So, the case against natural gas may not be as strong as it seems.

There are two types of natural gas capable of powering vehicles. Liquefied natural gas is the choice for powering larger, long-range vehicles such as commercial work trucks. Compressed natural gas is more fit for smaller, regional operating vehicles.

While there is talk of manufacturers producing a dedicated line of natural-gas powered cars and trucks, the most sensible and economical way to do it appears to be retrofitting.  In a fairly easy process, standard vehicles could be converted into natural gas machines. And, there’s also the possibility of having bi-fuel systems that uses both natural gas and gasoline or diesel. 

Duel-fuel is yet another option that’s being looked into. Diesel would help the engine crank up and then natural gas would power the vehicle from there.

While it might seem far-fetched to think of natural gas as an alternative fuel, the thought of gasoline and diesel fuel doubling and tripling from the high price they already are seem outrageous too. Times are changing and it’s imperative that we as a society change along with it.

How it Works

Powering a vehicle by natural gas is very similar to conventional fueling a vehicle. The fuel is stored the heads to the engine through fuel lines. Once in the engine, ignition is achieved as pressure drops. Then the fuel enters the combustion chamber and a chemical reaction causes the vehicle to move, like regular gasoline or diesel does. From there, it’s the same process as usual but with a cleaner fuel source. 

MJ TruckNation

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