Rough and Rugged: Cream of the Crop Farm Work Trucks



If you have a farm or ranch, you know how important it is to have vehicles to help you get the work done.  You need a work truck that runs smoothly so your farm can run smoothly too.  Here’s a look at some of the best types of farm work trucks that are as tough as the work is…and versatile too.

Flatbed Trucks

A Flatbed Truck is a must on a farm.  Heavy, odd-shaped, irregular loads that won’t be ruined when they are exposed to the weather can be transported with ease in a Flatbed.  They are designed to take a beating, conquering rough roads and other compromising conditions. 

From hauling hay bales to transporting heavy equipment and even livestock (with proper side rails intact), Flatbed Trucks have a multitude of uses down on the farm.

Flatbeds typically run about 48 feet long and are 8.5 feet wide.  The average load height is 8.5 feet and they can handle around 48,000 pounds.  Single-drop versions have two decks, a long one at the back and an elevated one at the front.  Sides can be temporarily or permanently erected on the bed for support. 

Spray Trucks

Spray Trucks are another type of work truck commonly used on farms.  Spray Trucks house tanks and hoses in the bed so farmers can water, fertilize, and/or apply pesticides to their crops. These types of trucks are especially valuable for irrigation purposes in areas that are drought-ridden.

Spray Trucks come in an assortment of different sizes.  The largest one carries around 36,000 liters of liquid.  Another nice highlight about a Spray Truck is that the tank, hoses, and various other features can be customized so the truck is a perfect fit for your individual needs.

Dump Trucks

Dump Trucks come in hand in farm and ranch situations.  They can transport sand and gravel, hay, and most anything else a farmer or rancher might need to load, transport, and dump.  The need you have for the truck will help you determine what size you need and if you want to buy a steel or aluminum version.

Boom Trucks

Boom Trucks are vehicles with hydraulic lifts that extend from the back of the beds.  They are widely used in the landscaping, electrical, lighting, and communications industries.  The original Boom Truck was invented with farming in mind.  It was called a “Cherry Picker” because that’s exactly what it was designed to do…help farmers pick cherries. 

Cab and Chassis

You might not think of a Cab and Chassis as being a farm and ranch essential, but if you’re hauling livestock, heavy loads of produce, supplies, or equipment, you’ll do well to incorporate a Cab and Chassis into the mix.  Cab and Chassis can be customized to accommodate many jobs around the farm as well as beyond the farm. 

Boom Trucks typically have lifting gear or work platforms.  They serve multiple uses around farms and ranches.  From assisting with reaching heights suitable for reaping produce and pruning trees to lifting a construction worker up to repair a leak in the barn roof, Boom Trucks are a Godsend to those who make a living off the land or raising livestock.

MJ TruckNation

Work trucks maximize productivity on the farm.  If you’re a farmer, you need a great one (or…two.  At MJ Truck Nation, we are in the business of helping to make your job easier and more profitable by finding you a dependable, fair priced, work truck.  Give us a shout today and see what we can do for you – (561) 220-9992.


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