Top 5 Delicious Food Truck Picks


Top 5 Delicious Food Truck Picks

If you’re thinking about starting a foodie truck business, you’ll be happy to know that it’s one of the most profitable niches in the food industry. Food trucks generate over $2 billion in yearly sales while traditional restaurants lag behind at only 2%. It’s not a wonder that the growth of foodie trucks is at 5.4% versus only 4.3% for stationary restaurants.

Food Truck Cost

While the cost of starting a food truck business does average about $100K, the overhead is considerably less than opening a traditional restaurant. Food trucks do, of course, require the purchase or lease of a vehicle which can run roughly $85K, a drop in the bucket of the price of a commercial building.

Food Truck Vehicles

Back in the day, it wasn’t unusual for tacos to literally be sold out of the trunk of a car. Snow cones peddling was often done by pedaling customized three-wheeled bicycles.

Things have changed though. There are strict regulations when it comes to the food truck industry. If you’re going to sell food from a vehicle, you’ll have to meet certain requirements and will need to be licensed as well.


5 Types of Trucks Used to Sell Food

There are 5 basic trucks used in the foodie truck sales force. The typical length is around 14 feet to 30 feet. The truck kitchens are regulated just the same as commercial kitchens in any other form are except they do require additional inspections to ensure the travel safety of the equipment.

The truck types are as follow :

Standard Delivery Truck

One of the most common scenarios for food truck construction is taking a standard delivery truck an adding a mobile kitchen into it. This type of truck has surged in use since the dawning of the mobile foodie industry in 2008.

Cab and Chassis

A cab and chassis set-up allows the bare bones of a truck to be customized in most any fashion the purchaser wishes. This type of a truck can accommodate a larger, heavier duty line than some other vehicles can.


Vans come in various types. They can be equipped so that the bed is open for easy access so the driver can jump into the body of the vehicle to serve food, or it can be secured so that the food equipment won’t tumble into the front seats if the driver has to make a quick stop while driving. Either type can be used as a food truck.

Box Truck

Box trucks are excellent for use in food sales. They can house all the equipment and food needed for a nice size business. They are also able to carry a heavy load like refrigeration, stoves, and grills.

Getting Your Business on the Road

Whether you are selling hot dogs, fish, breakfast tacos, ice cream, or any other type of food, one important thing you will need in your business is a vehicle to sell from. Once you secure your vehicle, purchase and install your equipment, get your licenses in tact, and fill your truck with food, you’ll be ready to roll.


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