Dead End for Some Revs Up Hope for Others

Trinity Logistics Group, a Texas-based trucking company, has slammed the brakes on operations.  The news has left its 102 drivers in utter shock.  Amidst the uncertainty the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about, the abrupt closure is being called “devastating”.

The announcement was made on September 28 via a conference call.  Drivers were informed they would no longer have a job and that all equipment was to be returned almost immediately.  The now-defunct carrier company offered flatbed, oversize, and heavy hauling services.  Trinity Industries, the mother company of Trinity Logistics Group, is the owner of Trinity Rails which has been hit hard by issues surrounding frac sand.

“At least we got paid and weren’t stranded like drivers for Ohio-based Falcon Transport and Celadon of Indianapolis were,” stated Paul, a past employee.  “Still…it is a big blow.”

The Trinity shut-down is certainly not the only trucking job catastrophe that’s taken place this year.  Falcon and Celadon drivers were left out in the cold a few months back.  Beaver Express Services, a family-owned business from Oklahoma recently informed their drivers that their operations were coming to an end after 77 years.

While former employees of all the companies that have gone under scramble to find other sources for employment with other trucking outfits, some, like Paul, are taking matters into their own hands. 

“I figure I’ll get my own trucking company going,” he announced.  “That way I don’t have all my eggs in one basket.”  Paul went on to explain he is in the process of checking out Commercial Vehicles, trying to decide between a DayCab or a Flatbed.  His long-term goal includes acquiring a fleet of trucks and eventually having a team of drivers.

According to economic statistics for the past months that have been ridden in turmoil, some businesses have failed while others have prospered.  Throughout history, that seems to be the typical story when tough times take a punch.  Drivers like Paul are hoping to beat the odds by being versatile enough to switch over from a customer that is going under to one that is staying afloat if the need arises. 

“In the end, that’s all we can really do,” Paul concluded.

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