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Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America to Halt US New Truck Sales

News Sends Consumers Scrambling to Purchase Remaining Inventory

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America to Halt US New Truck Sales 1

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America (MFTA) recently announced it will no longer be selling new trucks in the United States.  The company plans to shift to a service-oriented focus instead.  Parts, service, and support for commercial vehicles will remain available until 2028. 

The news has been circulating on the web like wildfire in articles such as the one on the Motor 1 website. The move appears to be a surprise to dealers, but not totally unexpected.

Dealers in the US will have the option to continue working with Mitsubishi Fuso by transitioning into locations dedicated to providing parts and service.    

Headquartered in Logan Township, NJ, Justin Palmer, CEO and [...]

2011 Isuzu NPR-HD Spray and Pest Truck 2

Do you own (or hope to own) a business that depends on spraying, you certainly need a great Spray and Pest Truck?  Whether you are in the extermination, landscaping, or agricultural industry or have another spray endeavor, owning a dependable and affordable Spray and Pest Truck is a must.  Check out this 2011 Isuzu NPR-HD Spray and Pest Truck that has all the bases covered…and then some.

What It’s Got

The 2011 Isuzu NPR-HD Spray and Pest Truck have a lot to offer.  It sports a 5.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine for peak performance and power. 

This Spray and Pest Truck is 13.5 feet long, the perfect length for most spraying jobs, including landscape, agriculture, and pest control duties.  The size of this truck is conducive to getting in and out [...]

Medium-Duty Commercial Spray Trucks

Stomp Out Bugs for Big Bucks

Medium-Duty Commercial Spray Trucks 3

There are swarms of career options available when you invest in a Commercial Spray Truck.  One of the most lucrative fields to go into is the pesticide industry.  To cover the most area and to maximize your capability and your profit, a Medium-Duty Commercial Stray Truck is the ultimate.

What is a Medium-Duty Commercial Spray Truck?

A Medium-Duty Commercial Spray Truck stores liquids in a tank that is located in the back of the truck.  The liquids can be sprayed to accomplish a task such as fertilizing fields in agriculture, disbursing weed killer onto lawns, exterminating insects in large areas, or a number of other things.  Sprayers are available in all shapes and sizes.  When a sprayer is on a truck though, it is intended to be employed for extensive coverage.  The [...]

10 Cool Refrigerated Truck Jobs

Get On the Road to Earning Quick Cold Cash

10 Cool Refrigerated Truck Jobs 4

Refrigerated Trucks are not only cool to look at, they are fun to drive too.  Best of all, they are money-makers.  By investing in a Refrigerated Truck, you’ll have a good selection of jobs to choose from.

What is a Refrigerated Truck?  Also called Reefer Trucks and Chiller Lorry, Refrigerated Trucks are made to carry freight that is perishable in special cooled compartments.

Here are our top 10 Refrigerated Truck Jobs:
  • Farm to Market. Farmers who grow large crops often don’t want to take time out of the planting and harvesting to deal with getting their produce to market.  They also don’t want to spend money on a Reefer Truck.  So, they hire drivers from Refrigerated Trucks to do the job for them.
  • Frozen Food Sales. You probably been approached by a frozen food salesman who is selling meat products or frozen [...]


Check Out the New Isuzu NPR-HD Stake Flatbed Truck 5

This brand new Isuzu NPR-HD Stake Flatbed Truck is the ideal work vehicle for keeping irregular and heavy loads safely contained – perfect for those in landscaping, construction, agricultural, and automotive hauling industries.

The Izusu Name

Izusu is a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer who is a trusted name in the industry.  Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with factories worldwide, including the United States.  Izusu has been serving the needs of workers for decades.  The company prides itself on providing quality vehicles that pack plenty of power while not sacrificing comfort.  They are also known for catering to comfort.

The N-Series is a very popular line of work vehicles in the Isuzu line.  The NPR-HD is one of the best in the series. 

Isuzu Stake [...]

Stake Flatbed Truck Solutions 6

When you need to protect your load, a Stake Flatbed truck is the perfect answer.  This type of commercial truck has pockets to fit stakes in so you can secure and contain the materials and equipment you are carrying so you don’t have to worry your load will fly out, damaging your goods and possibly injuring yourself and others.

What is a Stake Flatbed Truck?

A stake flatbed truck is like a flatbed truck except it has the sockets for stakes to be placed in.  It comes equipped with stake pockets so metal or wooden rail-slides along the edge so upright stakes can be inserted.   The stakes act as a fence on the bed, securing your load.

Used and new flatbed trucks have beds that are open except for the stake fencing, allowing [...]

Get Your Furniture Delivery Business Moving 8
A furniture delivery business is a very profitable service company that requires very little overhead to start up.  With as little as a $2000 to $10,000 initial investment, you could have your business operation up and moving.  Take a look at how easy and affordable it is to start a furniture delivery business and what’s involved in doing so.

Big Benefits of a Furniture Delivery Business

Owning and operating a furniture delivery business has its advantages.  Here are some of them:

Low Initial Investment

Your initial investment can be tailored to your budget.  If you are financially strapped, you can get in for peanuts and add on to your business as you are able to afford to do so.  If you have more funds available, you can get an even better start from [...]

2020 HINO 155 New BOX TRUCK with Liftgate 10

If you are looking for a fantastic new Box Truck, you’ve come to the right place.  The 2020 Hino 144 Box Truck with Liftgate is perfect for companies like Furniture Moving, Apartment, Home, Office, and Warehouse Moving, Mobile Food and Coffee Services, and so much many other businesses that require a Box Truck.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating – in the medical and financial realm – it has brought about some stellar deals on wheels, including this fine Hino Box Truck.  Why?  The folks at MJ Truck Nation want to help Americans get back on their feet.  Purchasing a commercial vehicle, like this Box Truck, opens new windows of opportunity for individuals to use their trucks to make money and get their budgets back on track.

About the Hino 155 New Box Truck

Construction Truck Drivers On the Road Again

What Can Construction Truck Drivers Expect with Nation's Reopening?

Construction Truck Drivers On the Road Again 11

As parts of the country begin to open back up after recent “Stay at Home” orders due to the novel Coronavirus, many construction truck drivers will soon be rejoining the workforce.  Out of the 1.8 million truck drivers in the US, some truck drivers have been working, a number of them even pulling overtime hours, other drivers’ work came to a screeching halt. 

“I am ecstatic to get back behind the wheel,” stated Hal Roman, a Dump Truck driver in Fort Worth, Texas.  “Even if I had been allowed to work, the gravel pit I haul from was closed, so it would have done me no good.  Thank God, I will be up and running again very soon.”

A New Crew Will Take to the Road [...]

Joe to Go: Get Your Coffee Truck Business Cranked Up 12

Think about it.  How awesome would it be to own a mobile coffee shop?  Instead of hoping the coffee crew comes to you, you can take the brew to them.  Plus, you can always be…wide awake!

Benefits of Jiving with Mobile Java

A mobile coffee shop start-up is overflowing with perks.  Here are a few of them:


Coffee is not very expensive when it is purchased in bulk.  You have the choice to offer breakfast, lunch, and/or snack options…or not.  You can even add on food items as finances allow if you decide to.  As far as equipment, you can purchase an industrial coffee maker and then venture out for an espresso maker and a cappuccino machine when you [...]

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