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When ten-year-old Ezra Romaine of Redvale, Colorado created a paper “rainbow dinosaur” ornament and sent it to Washington DC to be hung on the US Capitol Christmas tree, he had no idea he would get to see the tree in person. 

As luck would have it though, this year’s Capitol tree was selected from the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National forests in Colorado.  The tree’s first stop on its journey to Washington was Norwood, a sleepy ranching town with a population of around 600. 

Ezra lives in a tiny neighboring town and his family owns The Divide Restaurant in Norwood.  So this year’s National Christmas Tree kick-off celebration was closer to home than Ezra ever thought possible because as one of Norwood’s residents said, “Nothing ever happens in Norwood.”  Well, this year [...]



While a staggering number of American citizens have been out of work during the current COVID-19 pandemic, many of those in the trucking industry have experienced quite the opposite.  Truckers with jobs in areas deemed “essential” have had an overwhelming abundance of work.  But, the evidence is now surfacing that indicates that may not be such a good thing after all.

Recently, over 120 grocery store drivers in New York and surrounding areas have banded together to threaten a strike due to Coronavirus safety concerns.   The truckers are charging that United Natural Foods (UNFI) have neglected to adequately supply safety equipment to them such as masks and hand sanitizer.  They are also accusing UNFI of failing to properly sanitize the trucks and other measures that have been recommended for control of the virus by the Center for Disease [...]


It’s projected that by next year, the global market valuation for Aerial Work Platform (AWP) will cross 1.5 billion.  The increasing demand is attributed to more adoption of advanced aerial equipment, technical advancements in the industry, green fuel operability, and an increase in independent Boom Lift Truck owner/operators.

What is a Bucket Truck?

(AWP) describe a group of elevated machines that includes aerial lifts, elevating work platforms, and mobile elevating work platforms. They may also be referred to as cherry pickers or scissor lifts. Generally, aerial work platforms are used for a variety of maintenance and construction purposes and operated by a wide range of professionals.

History of Bucket Trucks

Aerial Work Platform Trucks debuted in the 1900s when they were invented to assist farmers in picking cherries.  Soon the trucks were used to pick [...]

If you have a business that requires the use of a lift, you’ve no doubt struggled with the decision of whether you should invest in a Boom Lift Truck or opt for a Towable Lift.  The choice is a tricky one that’s not cut-and-dry for everyone.  You’ll need to consider some important factors in order to ultimately decide what type of Aerial Work Platform (AWP) is the best fit for your business is.

What is a Lift Truck?

A Boom Lift Truck, also known as a Boom Truck, Bucket Truck, and Cherry Picker, is a vehicle that is equipped with a maneuverable aerial vertical boom.  It has a cage or open bucket at the end of the apparatus from which a worker can perform a job such as trimming a tree, changing out lighting, repairing electrical lines, or any other duty that requires reaching extended heights.  [...]



One converted semi-truck is bringing a whole new meaning to the trucking phrase, “Stay in your own lane.”   You see, this 18-wheeler has been miraculously transformed into the world’s first mobile bowling alley. 

Dubbed “Luxury Strike Bowling”, the first surfaced this past summer in Michigan.  The creator, Terrence Jackson Jr., who hails from Southfield.

Terrence says he was inspired by other mobile businesses, like Uber, Grub Hub, and Amazon which are all flourishing in the current economy.  He realized what they all had in common was that they offered convenience by bringing their services to the customer.  So that was exactly what he decided to do – deliver some fun and entertainment.  

When interviewed by The Detroit News, Terrence told the reporter that he wanted in with the companies that [...]


The Department of Labor is geared up to define the scope of work that will determine if a worker is an independent contractor or a company employee.  The decision to become involved comes on the heels of California regulations that have some truckers in a tailspin.  A five-point test is being set as the ultimate clarification factor as the rulings proceed. 

While the legalities involve the workforce as a whole, drivers in the trucking industry are feeling the blow more than most as the distinction between owner-operators and employee status looms in the gray area.

The Legalities

California was the forerunner in the legislation, surfacing last year to call for regulation in the classification of independent contractors such as the highly restrictive AB 5, also known as the “gig worker bill”.

The bill came [...]




As the nation braces for a possible second wave of Coronavirus, the trucking industry is the source of some of the only good news around.  Trucking is experiencing high demand along with a driver shortage – mostly seen in Flatbeds, Refrigerated Trucks, Vans, Day Cabs, and Box Trucks.

How it’s Playing Out

Van spot load rates top the charts, up 28.8% last month from one year ago.  Flatbed rates are up a whopping 9.9% and have soared even higher in the past two weeks.  Refer Trucks are up over 19% and there seems to be no end in sight to the rise. 

Not all phases of trucking are faring well, however.  Those operating to service the supply of products that are in big demand, because of or in spite [...]



If you have a dump truck, believe it or not, there are a ton of things you can do with it besides your traditional dump jobs.  From towing to toting, get a load of some of these new uses you may find for your trusty truck:


Think about what a dump truck is – a truck with a large, powerful engine that has an open bed in the back. It’s ideal for hauling large and awkward items.  You can clean out the garage, move things to a storage unit, or even tote appliances and heavy furniture from here to there.  Once you’re finished moving your own belongings, you can hire out your services.


Construction sites are always needing to haul loads in and out.  Dirt, gravel, supplies, trash, and many other [...]

Trinity Logistics Group, a Texas-based trucking company, has slammed the brakes on operations.  The news has left its 102 drivers in utter shock.  Amidst the uncertainty the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about, the abrupt closure is being called “devastating”.

The announcement was made on September 28 via a conference call.  Drivers were informed they would no longer have a job and that all equipment was to be returned almost immediately.  The now-defunct carrier company offered flatbed, oversize, and heavy hauling services.  Trinity Industries, the mother company of Trinity Logistics Group, is the owner of Trinity Rails which has been hit hard by issues surrounding frac sand.

“At least we got paid and weren’t stranded like drivers for Ohio-based Falcon Transport and Celadon of Indianapolis were,” stated Paul, a past employee.  “Still…it is a big blow.”

The Trinity shut-down [...]



Port-a-parties are the trendy new way for parents to throw their kids a fabulously fun birthday party without the headache that usually goes along with such an event.   Why not join in the fun and make yourself some cash in the process?

Commercial Vehicle set-ups, you can be on the road to raking in the party dough in no time.  Here’s how to make your Party in a Box Truck happen in six easy steps:

  1. Plan.  You will need a good plan – for yourself and for the bank if you intend to seek financing for your business.  Exactly what type of mobile party company are you going to have?  What are you going to offer – a bounce house, a blow-up slide, carnival games, video games, paintball, or something else?  Maybe you’ll [...]
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