Flatbed Trucks: Servicing a Well-Rounded Range of Needs

Isuzu NPR-HD Stake Flatbed

What kind of businesses need a flatbed truck? A ton of them do!  From construction and general manufacturing to transportation and sales, a flatbed truck serves a myriad of purposes.  When your load is heavy, oversized, or unusually shaped, this multitasking type of truck is just what you need to keep your business moving.


What IS a Flatbed Truck?

Flatbed trucks consist of a bed that is solid.  It is usually made out of wooden planks. There are no fixed sides or overhead roof on conventional flatbeds.

Drop-side flatbed trucks have low sides that can be hinged down for ease in loading and unloading.  Stake flatbed trucks do not have sides but instead, have removable, reusable upright steel pillars



Standard towing only lifts up part of the vehicle that’s being towed.  The method allows two or more wheels to roll on the ground.  Flatbed towing places all the vehicle’s wheels onto the flat surface platform.  Some vehicles can only be towed on a flatbed like various 4-wheel drives, severely damaged vehicles, and extremely heavy cars and trucks.

Flatbed towing helps prevent damage (or further damage) to engines, transmissions, ignitions systems, and other significant parts that can be caused by rough terrain and other factors.  Towing using a flatbed is definitely the safest way to go.



Independent rural farmers and farming companies often rely on the use of flatbed trucks. They haul farming equipment, tractors and other farm machinery, and construction equipment too – like fence posts and bales of barbed wire.

Construction and Sales

Those who work with building supplies, such as concrete, bricks, steel beams, lumber, scaffolding, trusses, and other heavy and awkward materials need a flatbed.  Retail and wholesale businesses who sell those types of products require flatbeds to deliver the goods.  In addition to transporting the materials, loading and unloading are simplified as well.

Hino 195DC


Dumping and Hauling

Businesses and individuals who dump materials – like wood, metal, concrete, or other building supplies – need the assistance of a flatbed.  The weight, sizes, and shapes of such materials frequently do not fit in other types of trucks.  Those who collect scrap materials also find a flatbed useful.  They also make hauling new and baled tires a breeze.

Flatbed Facts

Flatbed trucks are designed to be workhorses.  They are available in gasoline or diesel versions.  You can get them in single or double cabs, depending on the size of your crew.  Whether you are looking to buy new, or used, a slew of other options are at your disposal too.

Isuzu is a trusted name in flatbeds and other commercial and personal vehicles.  They are known worldwide.  Another excellent flatbed truck manufacturer in Hino, a Japanese company that is known for their quality diesel engines and commercial vehicles.


The MJ TruckNation Promise

If you are looking to purchase a flatbed truck, it is important to do business with a dealer you can rely on.  It’s imperative that you are treated fairly and with respect.  We have been in business over 15 years.  We have more than 1000 satisfied customers who can attest to the fact that we operate with the utmost integrity.  We value our customers and it shows…from the quality and prices of our trucks to the way we treat you like family.  If you are in the market for a great flatbed truck, you have come to the right place.



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