Launching Your Delivery Service Business

Launching Your Delivery Service Business

A delivery service is an optimal business to own for a number of reasons.  It requires little overhead, is high in demand, and is portable so you can take it to where the business is booming.

Types of Delivery Services

Delivery services can be very general in nature.  Or, they can be niche.  You may be delivering a product, or your delivery may BE the service.

Some examples of specified delivery services are: mail delivery, package delivery (like Amazon delivery), grocery delivery, a courier service, and flower delivery.  Some delivery services pick the goods up and deliver them to the customer, like those who deliver groceries from a grocery store.  Others transport items the customer provides to a specific destination, like a document delivery service does.

General delivery services are becoming more popular.  Those delivery trucks are basically available to rent for any job they are qualified for.  For instance, a truck and driver may be for hire to transport new furniture from a furniture store to their customers’ homes and also be available for moving items to or from a storage building for another customer later that day.

What You Need to Start a Delivery Service

Although the requirements for starting up a delivery service are few, there are some main things you’ll need to get your delivery service off the ground.  You will need a license, commercial insurance, equipment, and a delivery truck.

Best Delivery Service Trucks

Once you know what duties your delivery service will entail, you can begin to decide what type of delivery service truck or van you’ll need.  Some factors to consider are:

  • How much space will you need?
  • Will you need extra cab room for helpers?
  • What kind of fuel economy is necessary to ensure you come out ahead?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you need special features – like a lift gate, refrigeration equipment, or quick access from the drivers’ seat to the back of the vehicle?

Some of the best fits between delivery services and the delivery vehicles are:

Courier Service

  This type of delivery service picks up documents and other types of paperwork and hand delivers it to a specific destination.  Real estate agents use this service frequently to get papers to the place they need to be signed so they can quickly close on a property.  Banks, financial institutions, and legal services depend heavily on courier services too. 

Best Courier Delivery Vehicles

If you’re going to run a courier delivery business, you’ll need a truck or van that gets great gas mileage because you’ll be going all over town.  You’ll also need a vehicle that zips in an out of tight parking spots.  Most importantly, you’ll need a truck or van that is reliable because you’ll go right out of business if you can’t deliver the documents in a hasty manner.  Light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, and economy vans are your best bet.

Package Delivery

Some large companies contract package delivery out to independent delivery services. Amazon is one of the many companies that engages in such a practice.  If you are going to contract package delivery out, you’ll need to have an idea of what size packages you may encounter.  Your vehicle must be able to contain the largest and have room to spare for others you may need to space for simultaneously.

Best Package Delivery Vehicles

Because package delivery involves valuable goods, you’ll need a vehicle you can secure such as a cargo van or an enclosed medium-duty or light-duty truck.  You’ll also want to make sure you purchase a new or used commercial vehicle that is reliable and that gets good fuel economy.

Cargo Delivery

Cargo delivery services often deal with large equipment and heavy, bulky goods.  You may specialize in a certain type of product, like machinery, air conditioners, or food items.  Those items may or may not require special treatment or added features in order to fulfill the service you are offering.

Best Cargo Delivery Vehicles

The specific item you transport will have a lot to do with deciding what type of delivery vehicle you will need.  If your goods are extremely large and heavy, you’ll require a heavy-duty truck or van, box truck, walk-in truck, or a cab and chassis that you can customize with whatever you need, like refrigeration or a lift gate.  Cargo vans with upfittings are a popular option as well because they are smaller than walk-in trucks which is a good fit for delivery businesses whose wares can be accommodated by them.


Furniture and Appliance Delivery

Furniture and appliance delivery is sometimes conducted by the company.  Other times, the service is contracted out.

If you are going to be delivering furniture and appliances, you’ll need a heavy-duty truck or van to do so in.  You’ll want the vehicle to be covered to protect your load.  You’ll also want to be sure your vehicle is dependable because you sure don’t want to be breaking down when you’re transporting goods.  You may require special features in a delivery truck or van, like a gate that lowers to allow you to roll heavy pieces off with a dolly.


Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Whether you opt to buy a new or used delivery vehicle, it’s important that your purchase fits into your budget so you don’t get financially strapped down while you are just getting your business going.  If you go with a used vehicle, be sure to choose one that retains a good value for resale so you can trade up if you decide to.

Starting a delivery service is a move that many are making these days.  The business is wide open, the overhead is low, and the profits can be high if you play your hand right.  If you would like to find out more about delivery service trucks and vans, stop by MJ TruckNation.  We’d love to help you get into commercial vehicle that’s the ideal fit for you, your budget, and your business.


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