Hino Cab and Chassis: The Power to Customize to Perfection

Hino Cab and Chassis: The Power to Customize to Perfection

Sometimes, services have commercial vehicle requirements that don’t fit inside the box – like ambulances, RVs, and fire-fighting vehicles. Cab and chassis set-ups allow for complete customization to occur in order to accommodate all the specific needs.

A cab and chassis is a light or medium duty half-truck that is delivered “as is” so individual features can be added. For instance, ambulances have to accommodate easy entry and exiting from the rear. They also need to have a passage from the cab to the body of the vehicle in order to attend to patients. These features can be added to cab and chassis so ambulance personnel can do their jobs.
Fire-fighting vehicles must accommodate unique equipment – like hoses, hand tools, ground ladders, a water tank, a pump, breathing apparatuses, and some medical supplies. All of the features can be added to a cab and chassis just as they can be used to customize RVs, agricultural vehicles, and most any other type of truck or van.

Hino Delivers

When it comes to cab and chassis, Hino Motors, Ltd. (Hino) is one of the best brands around. They are a leading producer of both heavy and medium-duty diesel trucks. Noted for peak performance and steadfast reliability, Hino has been around since 1942. They are headquartered in Japan but since 1995, have been manufacturing in the United States as well. Medium duty trucks are assembled in West Virginia.

What’s Included

Chassis cab trucks have straight frame rails that come standard in order to accommodate the aftermarket product features that will be added on. The work is generally completed by a truck/van up-fitter. The frame rails measure a distance of 37 inches from each other. The center of the axle to the cab is 60 inches. There are more rear suspension spring assembly with more leaf springs than there are in a pickup truck. The leaf springs are shorter, and therefore they are stiffer which provides more capacity. Typically, 5 to 12 leaf springs are included and a factory bottom or top overload spring exists as well. The gross weight of the finished vehicle will often determine the number of leaf springs to be used.

Hino 268


What is it that your service requires in a vehicle? Do you run a landscaping business? Or maybe you have a combination of services and need a highly customized vehicle to work out of. Most any need or desire you have can be accommodated by a cab and chassis vehicle.

In addition to the customizations, you can choose between automatic or standard transmissions. You are able to get an economy model, used, or new. There are a number of different price ranges too.

MJ TruckNation

We have both new and used Hino cab and chassis. Whatever you are looking for, we either have it, or will get it for you. That’s the MJ TruckNation guarantee. We treat our customers with the utmost respect and earn our

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