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Go Out on a Limb and Start a Tree Trimming Service

Make Sure You Have a Great, Dependable Tree Trimming Truck to Get Your Business Off the Ground

There’s a deep-rooted need for Tree Trimming services.  The industry is projected to keep growing in the years to come.  There are approximately 181,394 Tree Trimming businesses in the United States. Presently, about 284,760 people work in the industry.  With the market estimated at around $24 billion dollars, the numbers are expected to zoom even higher in the next few years. 

About Tree Trimming Services

Tree Trimming businesses generally include tree and shrub pruning.  Many also offer additional services like stump removal, chipping, debris removal, and tree felling. 

Home and business owners, home builders and remodelers, and service providers like electrical and phone companies are among those who frequently need to call on Tree Trimming Services. 

Tree Trimming Companies that offer an added edge tend [...]

Will Truckers Keep on Trucking?

Second Round of Covid-19 Threatens Trucking Industry

It was recently reported that a new wave of Coronavirus is potentially in full swing.  Confirmed cases are up in key states, according to information provided by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  Death counts typically follow surges in numbers of positive diagnoses.  With the Fourth of July and other large gatherings in the rearview mirror, it is projected that America may be bracing for yet another pandemic wave.

If Covid-19 does strike again, the trucking industry could come to a screeching halt.  The first go-round slammed on the brakes for many truckers while others were busier than ever before. 

Some truckers aren’t waiting around to take control of their fate.  Colorado independent truck driver Dwayne Collier stated, “I don’t have all my eggs on one truck this time.”  He went on to explain that he has secured contracts [...]



This 2015 Isuzu NPR-HD with Palfinger Lift Gate Box Truck is ideal for those who need a beast of a vehicle for their livelihood.  From moving companies to furniture delivery businesses, this workhorse will get the job done.

The body is a 16-foot Morgan, the ideal length for a Box Truck. It has two rows of E-Trac to secure cargo.   You’ll have ample room to haul a wide variety of things, like furniture, construction material, appliances, or a full home of belongings.  It’s not too big though, so you’ll save money on the initial purchase as well as on gas.  Plus, you won’t find yourself stuck out when it comes to parking and getting through tight spots.

Talk about powerful!  This Isuzu Box Truck comes with a 5.21 turbocharged diesel engine.  The cab is [...]

With the recent protests to defund police and other security concerns across the nation, some truck drivers are feeling less than safe these days. 

On Monday, June 29 at 2 pm in Jacksonville, Florida, a gunman opened fire at an Amazon Fulfillment Center.  Of the two individuals who were injured, one is considered to be in critical condition.  The incidence not only traumatized those who were in the building where the shooting took place but also alarmed drivers who were waiting to get packages out for delivery.

It has also been reported that the COVID-19 epidemic has spurred a rash of truck robberies.  “We are like Brinx,” stated a gun-packing trucker.  “When your truck is loaded with toilet paper, groceries, or hand sanitizers, you’re at risk for being held up.”

The show must go on though.  Deliveries [...]

With a little muscle and a good Box Truck, you can start your own Moving Business.  It is estimated that over 31 million people will move in 2020 and even more will in the years to come.  Moving companies are expected to rack up around $86 billion dollars annually which makes it a larger and more financially beneficial industry than most realize.

About Box Trucks

Box Trucks come in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from 14-24 feet of space in the cargo “box” that is located on the back of the cab.  Most Box Trucks come with an overhead roll-up door at the rear to accommodate access to the cargo “box”.  Often times the truck has a ramp to ease loading and unloading as well.

Hino, Isuzu, and Mitsubishi are some of the [...]

Mutts on Trucks: Ready for Tail Wagging Adventures?

Check Out the Big Benefits of Having a Road Dog

Having a four-legged friend in your life has proven perks like lowering blood pressure, diminishing depression, and offering security too.  Some truckers are into pet parenting for the long haul.

The concept of dogs for the long haul is catching on.  Tennessee-based Mutts4Trucks pairs shelter dogs with truck drivers.  Truckers are provided with a car-safe canine harness, a brand new leash, and plenty of Pedigree dog food.

Big Benefits of Taking Rover on the Road

There are definite benefits for truckers who take their furry best friends on the road with them.  According to national statistics, 1.5% of all Americans suffer from some form of depression.  A whopping 13.5% of the truck driving population has some level of depression.  Lack of social interaction is one of the top complaints of life [...]

California Plugs Electric Commercial Vehicles Sales

State Plans to Switch to Zero Emissions As Early As Next Year

The state with one of the most polluted air quality in the nation is taking steps to clean up its act.  The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently announced that a zero-emission mandate will go into effect as early as next year.  If successful, the rule would also require all manufactures within the state to sell Electric Commercial Vehicles as well as hydrogen-powered options by the year 2024.

Electric Commercial Vehicles

The US market share for Electric Commercial Vehicles accounts for less than 1%.  Statistics in the state of California are about the same.  But, that trend may take a turn as CARB also stated that by 2035, over half of Medium-Duty Truck sales and 75% of Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles should be zero-emission.


Gravel hauling can be a very profitable business if you know what you are doing.  In order to rock a good living in the industry, it’s important to have three vital factors in place – a market, a source, and a Dump Truck.

Marking the Market

Knowing the gravel hauling industry of the location you are hoping to work from is imperative.  It’s not uncommon for a given area to be “sewn up” which makes it difficult for newcomers to get a piece of the action.  While not altogether impossible, you’ll need an extra edge (such as extremely competitive prices or an added service) in order to breakthrough.

Surprisingly, rural areas can be the easiest to enter into when it comes to gravel hauling.  Small town native Tim Spor recently purchased a Dump Truck because he is friends [...]



Times are changing and so are the homes people are living in.  The current uncertain economy has opened the door for many to adopt a new, more minimalistic, way of thinking.  Enter…the tiny house on wheels.

Tiny House Talk

Tiny houses aren’t new.  In the past decade, they have become more popular.  But there has always been the problem of how to get them to and from their destination.  Some creative souls have solved that issue.  They are putting the tiny homes ON wheels – flatbed trailers, to be exact. 

Tiny homes can be purchased on a lot or they can be built to personalized specifications.  They can be hoisted onto the flatbed of a truck, or they can be custom built right onto the truck bed.  Most homes come prewired for electricity and [...]

Flatbed Truck with Tree Bar

Branch Your Landscape Business Out

If you want to take your landscape business to the next level, you’ll need a Landscape Flatbed Truck to accommodate your ambitions.   The more specialized your landscape Truck is, the more efficiently it can serve your needs, and therefore, the broader your scope of landscape work will be able to be.

What is a Landscape Truck with a Tree Bar?

A Landscape Truck is a cab with a flatbed trailer attached.  Landscape Trucks are typically found in Light and Medium-Duty versions.  The size of a truck a landscape company elects to go with generally depends upon the nature of their specific services and the amount of work they do.

The Flatbed Trucks used in a Landscape Truck are equipped with various feature options.  Some have tall stake-bed sides to encase trees, plants, materials, and landscaping tools.  There are Landscape Trucks [...]

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